You know how important is Google Play Store for Android users to have app downloading in the category required, like gaming, fitness, entertainment, shopping, banking, etc. Today in this article, will help you ensure that work is more convenient than you plan to submit and approve your created app on Google Play Store. So let’s get started;

Required Aspects:

1. Creation of an app that can rock on Google Play Store.
2. As the developer, your app needs a unique Bundle ID to entitle your application to the store.
3. Signing certificate.
4. Need an APK expansion file if your app is bulky and oversized for easy uploading.
5. Requires a Google Play Console sign-up and Play publisher account.

If all the prerequisites mentioned above are available,, submit and publish the application on Google Play Store.

1. Get The Application Information Set:

Indeed necessary to create an application, so log in to your Google Play Console and use your Play publisher account. Next is to pick the language and enter the title for your app.

Further, click Create and add other relevant details you want to share about your app, like a short description, full description, hi-res icon, screenshots, feature graphics, application type, category, video link, etc. Finally, click on Save Draft to save the app details.

2. Time To Upload APK or App Bundle Files:

Detailed filled, then next is to upload the files before Release. So click on the App Releases option in the left menu. You will find the type release options like production (final Release for submission of a live version of the last app), Beta and Alpha releases (ensures efficient testing and valuable feeds for improvement of the app), and Instabug release (incredible to have a maximum of feedbacks and reviews from users with one line of code).

Next, click Release for the new Release and pick if you want Google Play App signing in your application or OPT-OUT way to use your app by users. Further, tick the Browse Files option and choose the app’s APK or APP Bundle file to upload. Then click on Review (see it at the bottom right corner of the page). This will confirm and submit your app’s release information.

3. Don’t Miss To Set the Application’s Content Rating:

Of course, imperative to set the app’s content rating from the Content Rating page option in the left menu. Click Continue, enter your registered email address and confirm it. Now select the category option and fill out the app rating, ensuring great help to Google to identify whether the content in-app is explicit.

Now click the Save Questionnaire and Calculate Rating option to see the Play Store app rating. Finally, tap the Apply Rating section to confirm the app content rating.

4. Set The Pricing and Distribution Feature:

If you want users to pay for your app, set the pricing plan. You can even select the release and distribution feature in the chosen countries if you are not okay with a worldwide release. Both options are available on the Pricing and Distribution page on the left menu. You can even go for the Primary Child Detected option if your app is for kids; otherwise, select No. Look if your app contains ads; if they have, click Yes or No.

5. Time To Publish Your App:

If everything is set and selected thoughtfully, time to publish the app. So release the app, and return to the App Releases option in the left menu. Do click on Manage Production, then Edit Release and Review at the bottom right side of the page.

Tap on Start Roll-out To Production option to finalize the app publish step, and last, click on Confirm. So it’s done; your app on Google Play Store is successfully published and launched. However, the publication process of the app on Google Play Store will take two hours to be shipped and seen in countries you have selected, if not a worldwide release.

Bottom Line:

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