A lot of  Apps can't be found in Google Play Store, have you ever thought why?

Mainstream Apps which aren't accessible in Google Play Store are doing unlawful or against Terms and Conditions of Google.

This is the explanation for why they are not available on the app

Here I have shared a rundown of 9 Apps by the top app design agencies which are not accessible in google play store but rather still are very well known.

Underneath I have recorded 9 Android Applications that aren't accessible in the Play store. You can either download it from its creator site or from other app sharing platforms

9 Banned Android Apps List

1. Dream11

In the event that you are a cricket lover, you certainly know this app

Dream11 is an Android App where you can bring in cash by making a group. This App works with progressing cricket matches. At the point when Actual Players will play, you can set up your groups prior to the beginning of the match.

This application isn't accessible at Google Play Store. Definite explanation is obscure however Gambling can be a purpose behind it.

2. SnapTube

Have you ever attempted to Download Youtube Videos? Better believe it, however, did accomplishment  downloading Youtube Videos? No??

Snaptube is an Android App which allows clients to download Youtube Videos. Individuals even attempt to download Facebook Videos. Snaptube is likewise supporting Facebook.

Means you can download Any sort of recordings from Snaptube.

Yet, you can't discover this application on Google Play Store since it's style and operation is against google terms

Downloading YouTube recordings is against Google's rules.

Snaptube is Number one App for the individuals who need to download recordings from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

3. TubeMate

On the off chance that you are looking for Snaptube Alternative TubeMate will be amazing all things considered.

TubeMate is one of the most seasoned App which allows you to download Youtube recordings. How to get YouTube Videos and How to Save a particular video from Facebook? These are Two inquiries looked at by Millions of people groups on Google.

TubeMate permits Downloading recordings from practically all social locales and Video sharing destinations. This can be Good Alternative of SnapTube.

You can't discover this App on Google Play Store since it violates google terms.

4. Amazon App store

Amazon application store is a Google Play Store competitor  where you can get a huge number of Android and IOS applications. Amazon application store is rival of Google Play Store And this is the motivation behind why you can't discover this app on google play store

In the event that you need to utilize the Amazon Store, you can visit amazon's true site to get its App or you can Google it.

6. MPL.liv

Have you ever seen MPL's promotion on TV or YouTube Channel? MPL.live is an application where you will discover 100 of free games to play on the web. Idea of MPL is like Dream11 yet entirely unexpected from it.

In Dream11 you can just choose Player on continuous Cricket or Football matches. Yet, in MPL.live you will discover  many other options

This application isn't accessible at Google Play Store. Precise explanation is obscure yet Gambling can be a purpose behind it. You can download from it’s creator site

7. Paytm First Game

Paytm is a legal App and it very well may be found in Google Play Store. Yet, its paid version  "Paytm First Games' ' isn't accessible in Google Play Store for the same explanation like MPL or Dream 11.

In the event that you are a Paytm First User, you will get this App

8. APK Editor

Apk Editor App was an astounding application on Google Play Store however these days it can't be found there. Apk Editor permits to alter any sort of applications and games.

With this application you can change any applications like its tone, text styles, App symbol, Images and symbols in App and so on.

Both free and paid form of this App was accessible on google play store but now it’s not on there. You need to Google it to download the APK supervisor App.

9. Fortunate Patcher

Fortunate Patcher is an App Modifier Android App which permits alteration on any applications and games. This is an advanced instrument rather than APK proofreader.

You can hack any games or Apps with this App which Apk Editor don't permit.

This App is just work with Offline Apps. You can't change Online Apps/Games.


We just listed 9 illegal apps which are removed from google because of illegitimate content or because they are rivals