YouTube Channel
YouTube is second only to Google for internet video searches. People often use Google to find videos and Google prioritizes videos over articles, images, and other content. Video content is fast becoming the most used and most popular form of content on the Web.

Your YouTube channel needs views to be effective and successful. If you are using YouTube to market products, services, or digital content, you need views. You will get nowhere without views.

These are the top tips that will help you get more views on your YouTube Channel.

1) Submit Great Content Like No One Else

The number one method for getting more YouTube views is to make great content. Make content that no one else is creating. Be unique and creative while sticking to the terms and guidelines of YouTube.

Creating videos that people want to see is how you succeed on this platform. It is how you succeed on any video platform. Make videos that create value for your viewers. Value is a word you need to remember when creating your videos. That cannot be stressed enough. Get feedback from your viewers to help you create better and better content of value for them.

2) Create a Series of Videos Instead of Individual Videos

If you look at successful YouTube video creators, you will notice that they use playlists to organize their videos. The main purpose for this tip is to allow videos to automatically play as each video in the playlist ends. This means that viewers can keep watching a series of videos without having to click anything. Using this tip will help you get more engagement and ad revenue.

Please do not think that placing a pile of unrelated videos in a long playlist will be effective. If anything, it will create a poor user experience and is likely to ruin your channel. Make sure your playlists contain related content so that users can keep watching what they want to see.

3) Use YouTube SEO

It is smart to familiarize yourself with YouTube SEO (search engine optimization). Just like all search engines. Targeted keywords help YouTube to find you more easily and quickly, so your videos and channel come in search results. Keywords are common words or terms people use to search for things they want to see. Therefore, keywords are ideal for audience targeting in niches.

Some keywords are highly competitive while others are less competitive. Your keywords should be niche relevant and relatively common to help you get high rankings in searches. Use keywords in your channel description, video descriptions, video titles, and in tags.

4) Team Up with Other Video Creators

Partnering with other content creators across social media helps boost your exposure. Likewise, teaming up with other video creators does the same for your YouTube channel videos. These partnerships are symbiotic relationships that benefit both creators.

One of the ways that YouTubers do this is to make videos together. One or the other can appear as a guest in one of your videos or you can be a guest in theirs. Together, you will gain more views and traffic to your videos and promotions. It is a win-win for all.

5) About Cards and End Screens

YouTube cards are kind of like banners in your videos (upper right corner) you can use to alert viewers to other relevant content. This allows you to boost user engagement while promoting another video without adversely affecting user experience.

End screens can be used in different ways, but essentially it is a signal that the video is coming to an end. Like a card, it points to other content. Besides promoting your other videos within end screens, you can also use a call-to-action (CTA) to encourage people to subscribe to your channel.

6) A Blog Post for Each Video

If you are already blogging, it will help your blog get more attention to create a related video. A good practice is to create a blog post for every video you create. While this seems time-consuming, the benefits are high.

Some people prefer to read a blog post while others prefer to watch the video. This same phenomenon occurs with books and movies. Embed your video into your blog to improve viewer experience and get more views and blog traffic at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Use these tips to get more views on YouTube and market like a pro. Remember to also add timestamps to your YouTube video descriptions to yield better search results rankings.

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Always share your videos across social media platforms to expand your reach and boost your YouTube views.