exchange eth to btc

The concept of cryptocurrency is not yet ten years old, and operations with the first coin - bitcoin - began only in 2011. But today the number of new electronic currencies with different rates and the number of coins issued has more than 750 titles, the total capitalization amount is more than $ 100 billion. In this mass, one of the youngest currencies (2015) with a unique blockchain technology 
  • - Ethereum (Ethereum, Eth, ether) 
  • - took its niche. It is based on the “Smart Contract” code and already takes the 2nd place in terms of capitalization. It has an author 
  • - Vitaly Buterin, a Russian programmer living in Canada. After a hacker attack and the loss of large amounts of currency holders, a separate platform was created taking into account the errors of the first currency 
  • - Ethereum Classic.

Features of buying cryptocurrency

The peculiarity of purchasing ether is the ability to pay both in dollars and in rubles. This has become one of the reasons for the popularity of the currency in the electronic market. Both a large investor and an ordinary user can buy or earn digital currency. Everyone has access to the capabilities of the system and its applications. Apps do not require access to the customer's personal data. An undoubted plus is the variability of buying ether: each participant can choose a purchase method according to the degree of difficulty.

Another feature: most cryptocurrencies are tied to bitcoin, and before you can withdraw them in dollars or another currency, you must first convert them into bitcoins. Ethereum can be changed and withdrawn immediately. Operations can be performed on PCs or mobile devices. But it should be borne in mind that investing in Ethereum on an ordinary computer is economically unprofitable - much more money can be spent on electricity than will be earned. Especially if the user's plans include not only passive income, but also ether mining (extraction). In this case, your car needs to be modified - equipped with a powerful video card, motherboard, cooler, etc. Power will be required at least 2 gigabytes. Serious miners for ether mining create whole farms from a dozen or even hundreds of machines.

Where is the best place to buy?

Ethereum is freely traded on exchanges and through exchangers that specialize in cryptocurrency transactions. You cannot buy ETH without a commission, which is often quite high. Therefore, when buying, you must study all the offers and choose a reliable option that is optimal for the price. So, all exchanges differ in terms of interface convenience, authorization requirements, trading volumes, language, etc. And the exchanger must be chosen depending on the currency with which it is planned to pay for the purchase (rubles, dollars or euros), and it is better the one where the user's funds are located (Yandex.Money, QIWI wallet, bank card).

Ethereum calculator

Digital currency exchange for Ethereum is carried out using exchangers. On the site, following the instructions, select the given and received directions. Each exchanger has its own conditions and commission, but the algorithm of actions is the same:
  • You need to select in the table eth to btc calc.
  • Select the mode - manual or automatic.
  • Enter the amount and your details, proceed to payment.
  • If at the moment automatic exchange is not possible under the terms of the service, you will be prompted to use the manual mode.