All of us are very fond of taking pictures, capturing our favorite memories to make it last long. When we capture our special moments, it shows our happy moments with our loved ones. And, to keep all these media files safe, we need a special place. Some people use social media, cloud, or any other device to save their special pictures without any assurance. 

Flash drives are commonly used by people to keep their pictures safe and at one place. But, there is a disadvantage of using flash drive as a storage of your special pictures, that is we cannot search a particular image until we know it’s filename. So, here’s something very interesting for the people who love to keep their moments special.

You can use Photo Stick to keep all your pictures, videos, and other essential documents safe. Photo stick is considered as the newest innovation as a photo backup device and the best alternative to keep all your crucial things safe at one place. Thus, before reading further, let us see what a photo stick is, and how we can use it.

What is a Photo Stick?

Photo Stick looks similar to a flash drive in appearance. The major difference between the two is- a photo stick finds your files without any load of finding the pictures, and also saves your time, but in flash drive, it is not so. A photo stick has a storage capacity ranging from 8GB to 16GB. You can upto 60,000 pictures in a photo stick which is a big number. So, if you are a professional photographer, then a photo stick is a must for you.

Photo Stick has a built-in app that automatically searches for the photos, videos, or any other file, and retrieves it. It sorts all your files and documents easily without any worry. So, for those who did not know how to create a backup for pictures, then buying a photo stick is useful. And, one more point to consider before you buy a photo stick, it retrieves all your important documents if they are lost. Thus, it is a very crucial device for school students, employees, and other people working.

Photo Stick

How to Use a Photo Stick?

To use a photo stick, you need to plug it to the USB port. Start searching for the pictures, videos, or any other document with a single click. You can easily use a photo stick without an internet connection, and also there is no use of any id or password to use it. So, you have to purchase it from a local vendor, start using it without any issue.

Pros of Using a Photo Stick

Photo Stick works on most of the computers, from Windows to MAC, and even your laptops.

They are very easy to use as the instructions are given directly on how to load and store your pictures in a Photo Stick.

The software used by Photo Stick is strong and powerful. It can easily locate the correct picture, video, or any other document you need.

A money back guarantee is offered to the customers, if you are not satisfied, you can return it easily.

Photo Stick comes at an affordable price that can be bought by any of us.

Cons of Using a Photo Stick

Photo Stick does not work on mobile devices. You have to get another photo stick for your mobile phone. One photo stick cannot work both on PC and mobile phone together.

They are not compatible with all the devices. There are some devices on which photo sticks cannot work due to some technical issue.

Reviews by Customers

We searched various online shopping websites to get you the best reviews about the photo stick. So, to know if buying a photo stick is worth buying or not, scroll down to check the reviews.

Paralegal Dave on buying the Photo Stick from Amazon

It's almost too easy to search and save all your image files so you can have peace of mind that memories will not be lost.
  • Pat Chisolm Review on Photo Stick
  • A must have for security
  • Yvonne Caffery
  • Good for Storage
  • Linda Wilson’s Review on Photo Stick
  • Works just the way it says it does.

So, these were some of the top reviews of a photo stick. These will help you to think whether to buy a photo stick or not. Still thinking about the photo stick? Visit a nearby store to get your photostick today!!