Dermal fillers are gaining popularity due to the greater focus by the media and also the access to a large collection of filler substances available at prices cheaper than previously. 

Using aspirin to get soft tissue augmentation using all the synergistic use of botulinum toxin and an assortment of mathematical processes has been the headline for rejuvenation. 

Currently, the fillers accessible in source, longevity, website of deposition, and price. 

The attention of this guide is to analyse the fillers out there on the current market and also to supply practical tips which would permit the dermatologist derive optimum results for the individual. Revolax is the best dermal filler.

Based on longevity

Fillers are categorized as temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent. Temporary fillers remain in the tissue for under a year, semi-permanent fillers for as many as 1--two decades, whereas permanent fillers are chemicals which remain from the tissue two or more decades. 

But, there's a confusion in the classification of semi-permanent and permanent status of several additives, with a few sources diluting any filler which lasts over 1 year as permanent.

Based on the origin

Understanding the source of the filler is equally essential since it aids the dermatologist to consider decisions concerning the demand for preskin testing and also to understand the patient's taste. 

Some patients may not want to use animal products for religious or personal reasons.

Synthetic fillers: Hyaluronic acid-based fillers

A wide range of lipoic acid products can be obtained with varying degrees acid concentrations and cross-linking arrangement and thus, also in their own signs.

Semi-permanent fillers

Semi-permanent fillers experience slow degradation with time over a span of 1--two decades.  

Negative effects with semi-permanent fillers are more frequent and more lasting than temporary fillers.

Permanent fillers

Permanent fillers are fillers which stay for more than a couple of years from the tissyue. 

Side effects with permanent fillers are far permanent, and complication is your principal problem with any permanent filler.

Temporary fillers

Temporary fillers can also be known as nonpermanent fillers. Their remain in the tissue is less than 12 weeks and consequently they have the benefit of disappearing when the individual isn't pleased with the outcomes. 

In the same way, a negative event with these kinds of fillers is also a temporary one, as noticed in the vast majority of the circumstances. But, rare permanent unwanted effects are reported despite temporary fillers.


Patients should be advised about the essence of the product, what to expect, longevity, any potential side effects, and also the price. 

An assessment of the physical and mental conditions of the individual is vital for a successful result. 

Written informed consent ensures compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements in addition to the direction of the individual's expectations. 

Pre- and - post- photographs are significant to seriously analyse the outcome of the treatment and additionally, to prepare for medico-legal scenarios.

Postinjection management

Patients should be requested to prevent extreme heat or cold for 48 hours. Massaging of the treated region and strenuous physical activity ought to be avoided for six hours. 

Patients are requested to sleep with their heads increased for a single night; skincare routine could be followed closely following 24 hours.

Measures to achieve successful outcomes

A comprehensive treatment plan ought to be formulated to satisfy the requirements of every individual. 

Deciding on the proper filler for the ideal indication is essential. Where essential, mixtures of carcinogens with botulinum toxin ought to be utilized to maximize the outcomes. 

In these situations, it's highly advisable to ditch the botulinum toxin first, wait for a week to observe the progress, then, ditch the filler to attain best outcomes.


Glabella area

Always choose patients having a favorable glabella test.  Inject modest boluses relatively superficially, with just moderate pressure when injecting. 

Constantly watch for erythema and quit injecting if you see blanching since this will lower the prevalence of ischaemic necrosis that's not uncommon in this field.  

Techniques utilized in this field are normally a blend of linear threading and sequential puncture methods.

Nasolabial fold

This is the perfect sign to begin using to get a beginner injector. Stretch and compress skin to picture the fold. Inject to a website medial into the fold to prevent additional cheek ptosis.  Overcorrection is common here and this contributes to change in cartoon, lumpiness, and bumpiness. Bear in mind that nasolabial folds always display a level of pure asymmetry that ought to be discussed with the individual before injection. Normally a linear fern procedure is preferred to take care of this area.


The lips bill be the focal middle of the face. The height of this lips and the ratio of the top to lower lip ought to be considered. The upper lip must be 2/3 of this quantity of their lower lip-gloss. Normally lip enhancement is done using a bigger particle-sized filler in comparison to lip augmentation that is performed with a more compact gel particle-sized filler. Overcorrection of the upper lip may result in a "duck bill" look. As lips swell immediately after the injection of this filler, steroid prophylaxis has to be thought about. A linear threading procedure is done for quantity enhancement and a micro droplet technique can be used quite infrequently when one needs to inject close to the submucosal place.

Periocular area

The top candidates are younger patients with thicker skin and minimum to moderate volume reduction. A depot shot at the level of the periosteum basically seals the gel augmentation developing a long-term impact. Edema and ecchymosis are rather typical in this field. Too superficial placement or lean skin in this region may result in clearly mild nodules or Tyndall effect. Injection of filler to the periocular area is a challenging process and just an individual who has great training and expertise should try it. An individual should also know about serious side effects like blindness.