It has increasingly become important for entrepreneurs to think about their attitudes when it comes to the green movement and the environment. Basically, being sustainable is vital for this planet and will make a difference in how a business would be perceived by everyone, including suppliers, employees, and clients.

With the growing demand for businesses to use sustainable packaging, around 60% of customers are willing to pay more for products. The packaging is everything to businesses and would be the first thing individuals will see. Working with Mil spec packaging can definitely help you with your branded packaging work. Therefore, if you want to maintain the loyalty of clients and get new customers, it is important to consider the following factors when getting your product packaging:



The type of packaging you consider may be an extension of your branding. In case your brand concentrates on vegan or organic, you may want to go for packaging materials with these ethics. Always think about using eco-friendly materials so as to incorporate your packaging into your branding efforts and overall message.

Beyond that, you will also have to style your packaging with logo, product information, and colours, so always bear this in mind when choosing the right packaging materials for all your products.


Before you start your packaging endeavour, you need to evaluate the scope of your budget. With this, you will be able to determine the types of materials you may use, and the amount of money you might spend to make your design enticing.

Materials, such as natural fibres and glass look terrific and visually appealing to customers, though they are expensive to ship or manufacture. Glass materials are also breakable and heavy, resulting in storage and shipping concerns. Professional manufacturers, such as Mitchel-Lincoln Packaging, recommend budget-friendly options, like food-grade cardboard and plastic. Food-grade cardboards are relatively cheap and offer interesting design opportunities as well as protection. On the other hand, plastics are recyclable, making them a convenient material to manufacture product packaging.


If you intend to distribute products made of glasses, you will have to make sure they are properly packaged. The same should happen to your heavy products. To distribute such products, you might consider accessories, like metal or plastic straps, to keep your boxes in good shape when transporting.

Durability is also tantamount to successful packaging, so you should consider the ease and function of transport. You may not want to develop an eye-popping and original packaging, only to lose shape before it gets to its final destination.


When getting the right product packaging, always keep your audience at the forefront. Besides, it’s your clients who will be enticed to products when your packaging is visually appealing.

For you to attract clients, it is important to understand them and research them before you take any packaging decision.

Storage Space

Whether or not your budget for packaging is sufficient, you might lack enough space to store everything. Although most packaging manufacturers opt to sell their products in bulk or large quantities, it’s important to seek low-order minimums.

This way, you’ll manage your storage space while ensuring that you protect and package the orders of your clients.

Nature of Products

The nature of your products may determine the kind of packaging you will use. For instance, you need to pack food products in approved and safe bags with protective seals against possible tampering or contamination.

Similarly, chemical and drug packaging supplies need to meet the required criteria. On this note, you should use product descriptions and labels for safe handling.


It is important to choose strong packaging materials. Perhaps one, which your customers can pre-heat when they get frozen. Plastic retail packaging can also be convenient because it can help to prevent food from packaging.

You can as well use packaging materials, which enhances the acceptability of your products. To achieve this, you need to use transparent packaging to allow individuals to see and judge your products when buying.


Although painted and eye-catching packaging can capture potential client's attention, it might do so for the wrong reasons. With the charged environment, packaging that people cannot recycle is regarded as a hazard.

Basically, there is greater awareness regarding the harmful impacts of using plastic packaging, which you cannot recycle or reuse. Ignoring this fact may result in tarnishing the image of your business. Hence, it is important to consider green packaging so as to uphold the environment and avoid wrath from disappointed clients.


It is always important to keep your products in mind when choosing the right packaging design. This step will ensure that your design goes hand in hand with products to ensure your merchandises have a maximum impact on marketing. You need to always prioritize your products to make sure they don’t interfere with packaging design. You may as well incorporate the packaging colours to ensure they reflect your products and brand.

Your packaging design needs to also consider many factors, including durability, storage space, safety, shelf space, and size, just to name a few. The significance of choices in material, design, and size will impact your success.


The increased responsibility of product labels and packages finally lands on the graphic designers’ shoulders. They ought to put their creativity to design a product package, which may serve as a salesperson for products. However, as an entrepreneur, your main goal should not be based on in-store experience alone. It also has to meet the needs of customers. To achieve this, you will need product packaging, which is trending.

At times, it is all right when your product material is not trending. You may use different materials, start a trend, or consider existing ones and let them trend in the market once more.


Final Remarks!

With the complex compliance requirements and supply chains, manufacturers have many things to put into consideration when it comes to packaging decisions. The right type of packaging can protect your products to ensure they are distributed while in good condition.

However, not every packaging material is created equal. Some possess features, which meet specific requirements, like the packaging for perishable products. To choose the right product packaging, you need to consider some of the above factors, if not all.