When renovating or buying a new home, the choice of fixtures is one of the most decisive decisions for the purposes of energy efficiency and optimization of consumption. Installing high-performance windows is, therefore, the first step to create an eco-sustainable and energy-saving house. You can find more info on these windows on the internet.

In this article, we will show you how to improve energy efficiency at home by choosing the most suitable windows to avoid energy loss and thermal bridges. In particular, we will talk about the windows made of PVC and aluminium.

Windows material: how much it affects the improvement of the energy performance of the house

We have seen how windows are fundamental elements to drastically reduce consumption and improve the energy efficiency of the house. Poor quality fixtures, not made of materials with low thermal conductivity or installed in an approximate way, could become thermal bridges that would frustrate any project to create an energy-saving home.

Micro ventilation for healthy and fresh environments

The latest generation doors and windows, in addition to guaranteeing high energy performance, keep the rooms healthy and free of humidity, thanks to an innovative micro-ventilation system. This system prevents the formation of mould and avoids annoying changes in temperature.

 PVC and aluminium windows: eco-friendly soul

Both PVC and aluminium can be considered the two most advantageous materials for the production of high energy performance windows.

PVC and aluminium are not the only materials to guarantee excellent thermal and acoustic insulation parameters: even wood guarantees high performance in this sense. However, with the same performance, PVC and aluminium, compared to wood, are able to combine thermal insulation properties with other advantages that can make the difference, also in terms of resistance and durability.

When you choose the fixtures for your home, in fact, an aspect of great importance is the ability of the fixtures themselves to last over time and to bring, in the long term, real economic benefits, and energy savings. One can buy quality windows from klarfonster.se.

Regarding the installation of new generation PVC joinery in your home, we can identify a number of important advantages, including:

  • Very low thermal conductivity: it allows to keep the internal temperature constant and to minimize energy losses

  • Less maintenance than similar versions made of wood: this means saving not only on energy consumption but also on maintenance costs and time

  • Resistance to prohibitive temperatures, thermal changes, and atmospheric agents without losing energy efficiency and functionality

  • Impermeability and ability to resist fire

  • Lower cost: for the same quality, PVC windows have a lower cost than models made of wood. This is due to the fact that PVC, being a thermoplastic polymer, is lighter, more flexible, and easier to work with.

  • Even the aluminium windows, rigorously with thermal break, offer excellent guarantees in terms of improving the energy efficiency of the house, in addition to numerous other advantages:

  • Optimal performance in terms of insulation, thanks to thermal break technology

  • High resistance to atmospheric agents and wear

  • Safety: aluminium is a strong and resistant metal. By combining these features with anti-burglary hardware, these windows guarantee high security.

  • 100% recyclable: aluminium is one of the materials with the best recycling yield. It is also an ecological material: it is not harmful to the environment, and, in case of fire, it does not release any toxic substance.

  • Design and customization: the aluminium windows are easily customizable with a large range of colours and shades, in addition to the details of the accessories, such as the handles.


Living in an eco-sustainable house with high energy efficiency means improving the quality of life day after day and indirectly taking care of the well-being of the planet. Therefore, it is recommended to use aluminium and PVC windows to ensure a high level of energy efficiency in your house. The low environmental impact windows improve the healthiness of domestic environments and outdoor air, reducing polluting emissions and optimizing the energy yield of heating/cooling systems.