Christmas Staging

Christmas time can be the most beautiful time of the year. All those lights, decorations, and gifts. While all the fun lasts, homeowners trying to sell their houses may find themselves in a pickle. All those parties and shopping sprees can do a lot for the budget.

Staging during Christmas can be tricky since it needs a holiday spirit, but it can put potential buyers off if you overdo it. The holiday season is not the perfect timing for home buying, but if you do make it work, buyers may start to see themselves in your home for the new year that is to come. So, how can you both enjoy the holidays and stage your home perfectly for potential buyers to fall in love without losing your mind? Here are a few helpful tips to get you on the right track.

Keep Christmas Decorations Light and Minimal

This is probably the trickiest part. As a homeowner, you may be the type of person who enjoys putting up Christmas decorations to the fullest. However, potential buyers might see things differently. Why risk it? You need to channel some holiday spirit, no doubt here – but keep it light and minimal.

Sure, the holiday season is joyful, but you don’t want your Christmas décor to overshadow the entire potential of the home. Remember, the main point of home staging is allowing the buyers to picture themselves living there in the future, not just for the next couple of weeks.

So, what should you avoid? For instance, don’t go overboard with religious accessories; use lights and details like a wreath and the Christmas tree.

Be Mindful of the Christmas Tree

Many homeowners don’t even consider putting up a tree when staging their home for sale. That works, too. There is no denying that a Christmas tree takes up space that can be used for other relevant items. One of the main principles of home staging is to keep the place clean and always avoid clusters. Besides that, it will surely make the room seem smaller.

Having all that in mind, and if your space allows it – you can still use a tree. We can’t imagine Christmas without a tree, so this tip is for you. If your room is spacey, a tree can help you accentuate that. Who doesn’t love tall ceilings, right? Just be careful that the tree doesn’t leave a mess behind and the bottom part is not too wide. You need to move around the Christmas tree quickly, not fight with it.

Set a Christmassy Tone

Another way to keep the holiday alive and not use many décor pieces is to set the right tone when home staging. How? Well, one way is to make the entire home seem cozier. If you have a fireplace, ensure there is a fire burning when potential buyers arrive. Go for neutral colors and warmer tones for more significant furniture pieces. Be careful not to misuse festive colors, though. And last but not least – make sure that the place smells like Christmas. Use cinnamon or pine candles and let the buyers feel at home.

Virtual Staging as a Holiday-Saver Option

Technological advances have made the entire staging process much faster and more affordable. This is especially important during the holiday season. Virtual staging is now readily available for anyone who decides to sell their home.

What matters here is that if you decide to use virtual staging services, you will receive flexibility and immense freedom when choosing décor pieces (and where to put them), materials, design elements, and other additions. The experts behind this innovative process will help you quickly remove or replace festive pieces when you see fit. Physical staging falls short in this scenario since you will incur extra costs.

A Few Final Words and Tips

When selling your home, regardless of the time of year, you must pay attention to how you stage it. When selling during the holidays – this becomes even more important since this is not the ideal period for making a sale for most people.

Luckily, some buyers are eager to see their potential new home around Christmas since they want to start their new year fresh. The safest and cheapest way is to use virtual staging services to give them an image of what the space offers. No clutter, no fuss. And you can relocate or remove any pieces whenever you see fit – depending on the buyers.