conference rooms
Scheduling meeting rooms are made even more straightforward and trouble-free in more innovative ways. Meeting room management is more time-consuming, prone to error, inefficient, and damaging the organization’s productivity and efficiency.

Meetings are an integral part of the business, but what isn’t necessary is the amount of time wasted in arranging them. You must be finding out how troublesome it gets for your team members to spend most of their time playing phone tag or replying to back-and-forth emails just to book a meeting room every week. Picktime online scheduling software provides your organization a more innovative way to manage your workspace, workforce, and facilities from any of your devices, whether a smartphone, laptop, or desktop, in addition to offering a conference room booking system.

With a centralized conference room management system, businesses can rely on traditional manual booking methods that, in the long run, lose money and breed frustration among the crew, customers, and stakeholders.

Fortunately, conference room digital signage can help companies cut costs and streamline the meeting room booking process, making it less prone to error. Plus, with the correct tools, even brand-new team members will be empowered to complete their meeting arrangements independently.

Let us look into the benefits of switching your old-school methods with -the new PICKTIME online scheduling software.

Get Seamless Integrations

Scheduling errors usually occur when fragmented systems are used to book rooms, invite attendees, authorize service providers, and register visitors. Whenever separate systems are used to connect, information synchronization doesn’t always happen. When meetings get updated to include new attendees or change the time, venue, or details, outdated conference room systems can cause delays in implementing those updates. Simply integrate Picktime with your Google or Outlook calendar to get a calendar view booking page and stay hassle-free.

Innovates Your Workplace

Anyone who works at a place with traditional booking methods has terrible experiences to regret, including the annoyance of accidental double-booked rooms, the stress of last-minute room changes,etings that run too long, or attendees needing more information. When meeting information changes, the organizer has to repeat the extended notification and approvals process, w,hwhichcan frustrate attendees. Aside from being frustrating, it needs to be updated, outdated, time-consuming, and messed up.

Invite connections

Once your meeting room is booked, you can easily send the invitation to your colleagues or team members to attend the meeting or seminar. Add people you want to participate in the meeting and send them an invitation from your mobile phone. Also, it lets you quickly check all attendees of the meeting.
Booking in a couple of minutes

The customized dashboard shows instant conference room availability, and users can book a meeting room with just a few clicks. We also offer advanced booking options for recurrent meetings or booking resources and attendees,. Everything is under your control with the assured rich user experience.

Automated reminders

Not showing up or running late for the meeting is a significant drawback to the company’s growth and the actual purpose of organizing the meeting. Stay ahead of all such challenges with the automated reminder options via SMS or Email notifications that can be preset with time to send to all your attendees and organizers before the meeting as a reminder or confirmation.

In the ever-growing work culture, innovative technology enables effective management and planning of company meetings, simplifies company processes, and helps to use workspace in a better way. Help your way out of scheduling hurdles with Picktime online scheduling software for conference rooms absolutely free of cost and with no installations! Sign up for free NOW!