Vape Party
It’s almost that time of the year again. Christmas is around the corner, and it’s time to leave 2020 behind. While Christmas is often described as a holiday that we should all spend with our families, saying that we should spend it with loved ones is a bit more correct.

Why not spend it with our dear friends and throw a party that will be an absolute hit? Not just any kind of a party, but rather something new never done before by you and your friends.

Vaping has been around for some time now, and it’s very popular among the younger generations. Therefore, vape parties have become very popular. Throwing such a party will make you adored, and build your reputation even higher.

This kind of party requires a different preparation style, so we would like to give you a few tips on organizing one.


Like any other party, when choosing to whom you should send an invite, you should keep in mind if that person will have any interest in showing up to a vape event. Indeed, if you’re thinking about throwing such a party, you already have many friends that take vaping seriously.

But, try to involve some people without any experience who are willing to give it a try. There’s no harm in trying it, and they might end up entering the circle of people experienced in vaping. It’s essential to ask them to RSVP to the event so that you can prepare yourself accordingly.

Of course, tell them on the invitation to bring some of the best tobacco vape juice brands in their opinion. It’s all about sharing. 

Setting up E-Liquid Station

Pick a nice visible space where you’ll arrange all e-liquids prepared for sharing. Excellent presentation is essential if you want to impress your friends and help them choose faster.

Many stores offer various samplers that can be useful when looking for new flavors to try for the first time. Because vaping is such a popular thing nowadays and many are doing it already, most of your guests will bring their vaping kit.

But, for those you’re inviting for the first time, it would be a nice touch if you set up a few extra vaping kits next to the e-liquids for their convenience. This way, they’ll blend in with others smoothly. Because CBD oils can have many positive effects on our body, discuss with everybody if you should add it to your e-liquid station.

One more useful thing is extra batteries and chargers. These parties can prolong themselves. So, they will come in handy along the way. Before going out and buying e-liquids, establish a budget with your friends. Don’t go over the budget because you’ll still need money for important stuff like drinks and snacks.

Drinks and Snacks

This part is the same as throwing any other typical party. Discuss between yourselves what type of snacks and drinks you’ll have at your vape party. It’s important that everybody feels comfortable while being there and nobody leaves the party hungry or thirsty.

One good idea is when you send invitations to all, ask them to bring along whatever drinks and snacks they’ll have. That’s the perfect way of avoiding anybody feeling left out because he/she has a different taste. 

Sanitizing and Repair Kit

While keeping everybody entertained is essential, keeping everybody safe is a higher priority. Sanitizing equipment is a must-have for these types of parties. People often share their vaping kits with others, so having everything ready for cleaning will prevent spreading unwanted germs.

Cleaning the drip tips is very important, and you can do that by adding alcohol for sanitizing. Throw in a couple of extra drip tips just in case. Some might have problems with their vaping kits, like leaking e-liquids.

For those kinds of problems, prepare some tissues and a pair of small pliers nearby for dealing with such inconveniences. 

Plan Well

Having fun is the main reason you’re throwing this party in the first place. Plan a night of fun activities, get some board games, take out a gaming console, rent a foosball table, etc. Any of these will be an absolute hit at your party and will keep everybody involved and entertained.

For all those crashing for the night, provide some extra pillows and blankets. Keep in mind that some might stay for the night only because they cannot drive home after drinking too much. Prevent that at any cost and let them stay for the night.

When you all get up in the morning, you can enjoy another dose of e-liquids over a cup of fresh coffee.

Vaping is and will be popular for many years to come. Maybe this Christmas is the time for you to do something in a new way. Consider the tips above and organize a vape party this Christmas.