It is that time of the year again where party hopping is a norm. This is the time to satiate the party bug in you and party non-stop till the wee hours of the morning.

Being the life of the party is not easy. You need to have the confidence and charisma to attract attention. After all, who would resist the charms of the well-dressed man that oozes sophistication and class at the same time? Not the ladies for sure!!

Getting invited to a lot of parties means that you will have to amp up your style game to look updated and on-trend. But do men have a lot of choices when it comes to party wear?

Sure they do!! You just have to keep yourself updated with the latest trends. If going through countless fashion blogs sees such a hassle for you, you are at the right place.

We present to you some of the hottest party wear ideas for men this year. These dressing ideas will make sure that you rock the party, wherever you go.

Here are 7 Party rocking outfit ideas for men this year-

1. A jumper and Chinos

A jumper and Chinos
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Chinos are a stylish alternative to jeans for men. They are quite versatile. You can easily dress them up or down, depending on the occasion. Jumpers are quite hot in the fashion scene right now, especially the ones with loud graphic prints. What more!! They also keep you warm on those cold nights when you do not want to go home. Chic yet casual, this combination is perfect for any party. If you are opting for a jumper in loud prints, make sure to keep the color of your chinos neutral to balance out your outfit. Team it up with classic sneakers and beaded bracelets. You are sure to grab a lot of attention your way.

2. Linen pants and a printed button-down shirt

Linen pants
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Linen pants give a classy and sophisticated feel to your look. If you have restricted your favorite linen pants only to the board room, you may not be utilizing them right. Linen pants can easily be worn as party wear if you know how to style them. A printed button-down shirt with it will give you a laid back yet sophisticated feel. You can choose your shirt according to the time of the party. Opt for light color shirts for a day even and darker ones for the night. Pair them with oxfords or loafers and dance the night away!!

3. The leather jacket and t-shirt look

jacket and t-shirt look
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This look is perfect to channel your inner rockstar vibe. Rugged jeans paired with a t-shirt and a leather jacket are perfect for a casual party with friends. However, we suggest you not go overboard with the embellishment on the jacket. Keep the rest of the look minimal with a neat hairdo and trimmed facial hair. Slightly tousled hair looks great and a groomed beard. Use good quality products to set your beard, you can make use of products like a beard comb, best beard oil, beard wax etc. Add a charming watch, preferably in leather straps and sneakers to complete your outfit.

4. Waistcoat with a t-shirt and jeans

A waistcoat is another clothing item that you can borrow from your formal wardrobe. You can borrow this item from your three-piece suit and wear it to a party for a suave look. A casual plain t-shirt and jeans paired with a solid color waistcoat are sure to help you grab eyeballs. If you are up for a little experimentation, you can opt for a waistcoat in bright colors as well. Just keep the t-shirt underneath in neutral color to keep the attention on the coat. Do remember to pair this up with plain dressy jeans in a dark wash instead of opting for ripped ones to make the look come together. A superb addition to this would be beaded bracelets for men. It would surely add to the personality. For the shoes, loafers are your best bet.

5. Corduroy pants with a half-sleeved shirt

This relaxed style will make you look quite confident yet approachable. The easy-breezy feel of this look is sure you help you win some brownie points with the opposite sex. Corduroy pants are a runway fashion staple. For a fresh look, you can pair these comfortable pants with animal print half sleeved shirts. This is what we call a musician-in-the-making look, which women swoon over. Zebra prints or leopard prints are hot right now. Throw in straw or a felt fedora hat for good measure, to complete this effortless look. A pair of super stylish Moschino shoes will complete your look.

6. The classic tee and blazer combo

classic tee and blazer combo
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A well-structured blazer with a simple tee is a classic party look that you can never go wrong with. If you want to give across a message that you are reliable yet on-trend, this is your go-to look. Simply chic yet effortless, pair it up with a simple pair of jeans. Do remember to have a keen eye on the fitting of your blazer or else you will end up looking bulky. A simple round neck shirt underneath it will suffice. Add a stylish brooch or a statement belt to round off the look. Keep away from open-toed shoes when you are opting for this party look.

7. Cropped denim/pants with a t-shirt and bomber jacket

Cropped denim
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If you haven’t tried the cropped look yet, this is the right time. Men are unapologetically sporting trousers or jeans that end well above the ankles. What was once a look more often seen on women, the trend of cropped pants or denim for men is here to stay. Cool, comfy and classy, you can pair them with almost anything. For a distinctive look, pair your favorite pair of cropped lowers with a turtleneck sweatshirt or jumper. With the attention being on your feet, make sure to choose a good pair of shoes in a neutral color. Add a pair of glasses for a geeky look and get the party grooving with your style game!!


All the above looks are very easy to carry off. Most of these clothing pieces work great even when you mix or match, making them a good investment. You can also carry these looks to a formal party as well. Just pair them with the right amount of accessories and a whole lot of confidence and see the world worshipping the land you walk on!! This party season, it is time to enjoy all the attention coming your way. After all, you deserve every bit of it.