The weight of the frame of the traditional jaw crusher accounts for a large proportion of the weight of the whole machine (about 50% for the casting frame and about 30% for the welding frame), and the cost of processing and manufacturing accounts for 50% of the total cost, so to a large extent Affect equipment prices. This article compares the differences in weight, consumables, costs, transportation, installation, maintenance, etc. between the integral and combined racks. Let's take a look!

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Jaw crusher frame structure type

According to the structure, the jaw crusher frame has an integral frame and a combined frame; according to the manufacturing process, there are a casting frame and a welding frame.

Overall rack

The entire frame of the traditional monolithic frame is produced by casting or welding. Due to its difficulty in manufacturing, installation and transportation, it is not suitable for large jaw crushers, but mostly small and medium jaw crushers.

Combined rack

The combined frame adopts a modular, non-welded frame structure. Two side panels are firmly bolted to the front and rear wall panels (cast steel parts) through precision-machined fastening bolts, and pass through the front and rear walls. The embedding pins on the side walls of the plate bear the crushing force, and the left and right bearing boxes adopt integral bearing boxes, which are also tightly connected with the left and right side plates by bolts.
  • Comparison of combined rack and overall rack technology
  • The combined rack is lighter than the overall rack and consumes less materials.
  • The combined frame is not welded, and the steel plate material can be high-strength alloy steel with higher carbon content and high tensile strength (such as: Q345), so the thickness of the steel plate can be appropriately reduced.
  • The investment cost of the combined frame in plant construction and processing equipment is relatively small.

The combined frame can be divided into the front wall panel, the rear wall panel and the side panel to be processed separately. The weight of a single part is light, and the tonnage of the crane is required to be small, while the overall frame requires the tonnage of the crane to be much larger ( Nearly 4 times). Take PE1200X1500 as an example: the combined frame and the overall welding frame require about 10 tons (single hook) and 50 tons (double hook) for cranes, and the prices are about 240,000 and 480,000 respectively. This alone can save 24. The cost of about 10,000 yuan.
  • The overall welding frame must be annealed and sandblasted after welding, which requires the construction of an annealing furnace and a sandblasting room, which is also a large investment, and the combined frame does not require these inputs.
  • Secondly, the combined rack is less expensive in plant investment than the overall rack. This is because the crane tonnage is smaller. It does not have high requirements for the column, supporting beam, foundation, and plant height of the plant. As long as it can meet the design And use requirements.

Short production cycle and low manufacturing cost.

Each part of the combined frame can be processed separately on different equipment simultaneously, and is not affected by the processing progress of the previous process. After each part is processed, it can be assembled, and the overall frame must be processed before all parts are completed. Only then can be assembled and welded.

For example, the grooves of the three joint surfaces of the ribs must be processed, and the inner hole of the bearing seat and the three joint surfaces must also be roughed before they can be assembled. After the entire frame is welded, it needs to be annealed before finishing (processing the bearing holes). There are more processes than the combined frame, and it takes more processing time. For the frame with the larger size and heavier weight, The more time it takes.

Save transportation costs.

The transportation cost is calculated by tonnage, and the weight of the combined rack is about 17% to 24% lighter than the overall rack. Compared with the welding frame, the combined frame can save about 17% to 24% of the transportation cost.

It is convenient for underground installation.

Each main component of the combined frame can be transported separately to the mine, and the final assembly of the crusher can be completed underground. This feature can greatly shorten the construction time and save costs. The underground installation only requires ordinary lifting equipment, and the installation can be completed in a short time.

Easy to repair, low repair cost.

Since the combined frame is composed of 4 parts, when a part of the crusher frame is damaged, it can be repaired or replaced according to the degree of damage of the part without replacing the entire frame.

As for the overall frame, in addition to the ribs that can be repaired, the front and rear wall panels and side panels are torn, or the bearing seat is deformed. It is usually impossible to repair, because the side plate tearing will definitely cause the bearing seat to move and cause the bearing The holes are not concentric. Once this happens, the bearing housing cannot be restored to its original position accuracy by welding. The only way is to replace the entire frame.


The frame of the jaw crusher bears a great impact load under working conditions, so the frame must meet the following technical requirements: 
  • It must have sufficient rigidity and strength.
  • Light weight and easy to manufacture.
  • Convenient installation and transportation.
Through the analysis and comparison of the manufacturability of the above two racks, it can be seen that the combined rack is lower than the overall rack in terms of material consumption and manufacturing cost. Especially the profit of the crusher industry itself is very low. It is very difficult to compete with foreign counterparts in this field by working hard on consumption and manufacturing processes. Therefore, it is very necessary to improve the rack process and it is also an effective way.

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