The Border Security Force is India’s First Security Line. It is an esteemed and respected job which borders and safeguards the nation from all anti national bodies that may harm. Working with BSF is a wonderful experience as you deal with the national security line. The job demands a sense of responsibility in all kinds of work.

The BSF recruits for 228 various positions. One who believes in serving the nation and wishes to contribute to the nation's safety can apply for numerous posts. Being in BSF is of utmost pleasure where you work on ground and have access to make the place wonderful by your active participation in day to day activities. You safeguard people and country. This is an honor that you get when you are selected in BSF. You may check the BSF recruitment notification 2020 to apply.

The examination process is quite tedious but all you need to work on is studies maintaining your physical activities. One has to work hard to get into BSF with all dedication, vigilance, intelligence and most importantly physical strength. The candidates have to go through various phases which includes a written test, physical test and Interview where Physical Efficiency Test plays a vital role. So, let’s read how you can prepare yourself for the Physical Efficiency Test.

Prepare yourself for Physical Efficiency Test

Be Determine for your Success

Determination to attain success always works as self-motivation. Being determined means you are chasing your goal and that you will do everything that is needed to reach your goal. In physical tests you need a strong determination to stick with your healthy routine to which many people find it difficult. Your determination will never let you run behind unhealthy food. A strong determination comes with a focused mind.

Have a proper diet and schedule

A proper diet includes not just vegetables but balancing your weight, height and body all at once. You must learn to maintain your health not just to stay healthy but to crack physical tests. Without proper diet and schedule, you will feel lethargic all day which will result in failure. To avoid such circumstances, you must have healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner that includes veggies and juices.

Avoid Alcoholic Beverages

Beverages are the most commonly intake drinks that you need whenever you study but alcoholic beverages are different. You must avoid having these beverages in order to stay fit and make sure that everything is going well. Alcoholic beverages like Beer, Vodka, Brandy, etc. should not be consumed. These will create health disorders which may lead to disqualification. Always remember, that alcohols in any form are dangerous to health unless and until it is recommended by your physician in a specific quantity.

Have Cardio and Strength Exercise Alternatively

Working out daily will help you lose extra weight and keep your heart, mind and body feel fresh. The cardio and strength exercises are the healthier one to say. These exercises help increase your blood circulation and keep your heart healthy. This will enhance your stamina for other physical activities such as running, long jump, high jump etc.

Be Stress Free

If you are stressing yourself and getting overburdened with your studies then all your efforts of staying healthy will go in vain. Stress itself can bring your health down as it affects your mind and with a stressful mind you can neither study nor you can stick with your diet schedule. If you feel stressed, meet your favorite person or hangout for a day with your friends.

So, it was interesting to find out the ways to stay fit and prepare for the Physical Efficiency Test (PET). Check the BSF Results for better clarity and get ready accordingly. Remember, being physically fit is not only exam oriented but you must take care of health throughout your life. Health is what comes first or else life would be otherwise.