Hair – it's EVERYTHING!

The way that an individual wears their hair features a lot to mention about them. History has shown that the way that hair is worn by different communities, and in several regions makes statements about their lifestyle. However, in recent times, hair has taken on a personality of its own. It’s now a fashion statement that's wont to create a press release.

Whether your inspiration is Nicki Minaj together with her outlandish wigs, or Kylie Jenner and her color-coordinated hair, you recognize that wigs and weaves are the new go-to within the fashion world. Citizenry have broken the proverbial ceiling surrounding how hair is often worn through the utilization of those wigs in recent times. Aren’t getting us wrong, wigs are around since the dawn of your time, and ladies of color have used human hair wigs to elongate their tresses in accordance with their cultural norms. However, the turn of the 2000s has been a stimulating time within the world of day to day fashion.

Women roam the streets with a bob cut at some point, and by subsequent, they need waist long box braids. They will go from sporting straight, shoulder-length dark tresses to figure, to wearing platinum blond beach waves on vacation.

Human Hair Wigs

Owing to their massive appeal, wigs became diversified. There are several sorts of human hair wigs and weaves available within the market now, with the simplest of all being Virgin human weaving. No, this has nothing to try to with the societal construct of virginity, but actually, means completely unprocessed hair. The results that Virgin human hair wigs achieve are natural-looking. But the most important two advantages of this are that these are often reinstalled multiple times, and may be color treated per your will!

Weave Texture

Black women have hair that comes in numerous textures. And so, with these women being the first consumer of human hair wigs, these are made in several textures to suit any hair type. The foremost popular sorts of weaves are Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian, and Peruvian hair.

Each quite human hair wigs has its own characteristic sort of hair and may be utilized in multiple wave patterns, coupling it with straight, waves, light curls, or tight kinks. Your next question, therefore, becomes, what quite weave is that the best out of these different types?


Natural human hair wigs are known to possess natural movement and shed or tangle minimally. These are often processed and made to seem wavy, straight, or maybe curly. A natural weave might not even have a good toning of color across the tresses as some hair may lose color when exposed to the sun.


Here's the short version –

Hair Texture                                                             Features

Virgin Brazilian Hair                                                Curly, Wavy, Straight and Silky, Durable, Thick, Shiny

Virgin Peruvian Hair                                               Straight, Curly, Course, Thick, Soft

Virgin Malaysian Hair                                            Curly, Straight, Finer, Heavy, Thick

Virgin Indian Hair                                                   Easy to blend, Wavy, Straight, Bouncy, Light

Brazilian Hair

Brazilian human hair wigs are the very best quality of weaves when completely unprocessed and barren of chemicals. This hair is employed widely within the markets lately, and is soft, durable and thick – the simplest for wigs! The feel of this hair can blend with most racial textures, from Caucasian hair thereto of Type 'C' kinks. It’s very fashionable since these human hair wigs are considered to be more immune to humidity than Indian hair.

This hair is dense and sturdy, so it doesn't have a full range of motion when being styled. Curly Brazilian human hair wigs are tighter on the curls than others, and flat ironing it's difficult.

Malaysian Hair

Malaysian human hair wigs are made from hair collected at Hindu temples in Malaysia where women bestow it as a part of a ceremony to reaffirm their spiritual commitments. Truly Malaysian hair is extremely rare and is renowned for its silky texture and luster.

This hair is, more often than not, processed to the very best international standards. It also the best human hair and is typically soft, shiny, bouncy, and light.

Peruvian Hair

Peruvian human hair wig bundles are a number of the most important hits within the market immediately. These weaves are the foremost durable, and versatile. It are often curled and heat-treated several times with fantastic results and makes this human hair wig the simplest for somebody looking to vary up their style time and again. The feel of this hair is soft, silky, and really durable. It is, however, rare and when found, costlier than your usual weaves.

Peruvian hair is often steam curled for the right waves and maintains the feel alright. It coarse and comes in darker reminder brown, and red.

Indian Hair

Indian human hair wigs are popular within the market due to length, and texture. Almost like the Brazilian type in density, this hair is bouncy and may be styled easily. It’s an excellent fit weaves and hair extensions. However, this hair becomes frizzy and swells up in humid conditions, making it unsuitable for beach vacations, etc.

It is the simplest quality of human hair wigs available within the market and is airy and lightweight. It bounces and doesn't tangle too easily while being completely cooperative to style. It’s an excellent blend for African-American hair types thanks to its colors.

Conclusion – The Winner

The conclusion to the present post is anti-climactic because truth is told, there's nobody perfect sort of human hair wig for you. Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian, and Peruvian hair wigs are all amazing in their title. What you'll determine from the detailing we've made above is which of those textures are often the simplest fit your hair type!

Whether you select one or of these sorts of hair, you want to remember that air drying is that the thanks to go, and a wash every once in fortnight may be a must. Styling products, heavy oils, and other products should be used minimally and alcohol-free serums should be your ally for frizz-free human hair wigs!