Heavy Duty Commercial
Commercial buildings invest in huge and thick metallic doors as a security precautionary measure. Such doors should have heavy duty door locks as they are specially made for thick metallic doors. You can hire an expert to install the door locks or follow the step by step procedures provided on the packaging covers.

There is plenty of sensitive information stored in commercial doors, which should always be kept safe and away from unauthorized personnel.

The Benefits of Heavy Duty Locks

There are plenty of reasons why you should install heavy duty door locks in commercial premises. These benefits include:
  • Tamper-proof. These door locks are tamper-resistant. This assures users of their security. The heavy duty doors are only compatible with your keys. This significantly reduces the possibility of burglaries.
  • It’s difficult to duplicate heavy duty lock keys. Unlike the traditional locks; it’s very difficult to duplicate the heavy duty commercial door locks keys. This is because of their unique design.
  • Limit access. The heavy duty locks help limit the access to special premisies or rooms in the commercial buildings.

Why Choose the Vizilok Heavy Duty Locks?

The Vizilok heavy duty locks have been reliable for years in various ways. That is why they are rated among the best heavy duty commercial locks.

You should choose the Vizilok heavy duty locks for the following reasons:
  • Simple Design. You may notice that the design of Vizilok heavy duty locks is very simple. However, this design is very universal, and will fit nearly any interior.
  • Easy Installation. You can install Vizilok heavy duty locks locks on your own if you don’t want to hire a professional expert. Simply follow the well-elaborated step by step instruction and secure the rooms in your business premise.
  • Reversible Right/Left Door Application. The Vizilok heavy duty locks are reversible both towards the right and the left. This gives you options to install the lock based on your needs and interior.
  • Commercial Grade. All Vizilok heavy duty locks have Grade 1, so are perfect for using in commercial buildings.

Top Heavy Duty Commercial Door Locks to Consider

Indicator lock company Vizilok offer several options of heavy duty commercial door locks:
  • Heavy Duty Lock with Privacy Indicator. This lock is meant for private rooms like a washroom. It has a privacy indicator that showcases if a washroom is occupied or vacant. The design of it is modern, and goes in Satin Chrome finish. Therefore, it can blend with any door theme in commercial buildings.
  • Vandal Resistant Entrance Lever. This heavy duty door lock is specifically created to protect your commercial premise from burglary. Therefore, you can confidently store important documents in your office without worrying about their safety. This lock also goes in Satin Chrome finish. You can install this top rated heavy duty commercial door lock with just a screwdriver.
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Make a prudent choice and secure your commercial building by investing in heavy duty commercial door locks. Choose only reliable door locks manufactures.