Car Repairs
The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc throughout the world. Whether it’s the loss of loved ones, loss of income, or lockdowns, all of us have suffered greatly. It seems like nothing has been spared from the pandemic. Our vehicles are certainly no exception. The lengthy lockdowns meant that our beloved possessions were stuck in the garages and driveways. Business closure also prevented us from getting the necessary maintenance work done on the vehicles.

You might be wondering that being thankful for being alive is undoubtedly better than the car, right? Well, you are not wrong, and we are not going to disagree with that. Each and every one of us who is still alive need to be thankful, especially when more than a million have died from the coronavirus. But the thing is that there are a lot of dangers associated with failure to properly maintain the car. They are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Unnecessary Repairs & Replacements

Without timely maintenance, components wear and break down prematurely. Therefore, they need to be replaced altogether or repaired. For instance, if the engine oil was not changed due to workshop closure, there is increased likelihood of needing to get the engine repaired. Engine repair services are quite expensive. At a time when one is not sure if they will have a job next month, such expenses are best avoided.

Many of us still avoid going to workshops due to coronavirus. With the second wave increasing in intensity, avoiding unnecessary travel will only increase. It means that the vehicles will suffer once again. Even if you want to get the work done, many car repair service related businesses might be closed due to lockdown measures.

Reduced Resale Value

The lack of proper care & maintenance reduces the resale value of the vehicle. The reason for this is that without timely maintenance, the various components begin to wear out prematurely. A buyer would not be willing to pay a higher price when they know that they would need to replace some of the components.

Safety Risks

Another danger of delaying repair and maintenance work is that you are compromising on safety. For example, if the brake pads are worn out or require little repairs, the work cannot be delayed. After all, they are a part of the braking system that is responsible for slowing down the vehicle.

Likewise, the tires are amongst the most critical vehicle components in a vehicle. Worn out, low-quality tires can lead to serious accidents. Therefore, they need to be maintained properly. If the tires are not repaired or replaced in time, they can burst while driving. Hence, they should not be ignored. 

Higher Insurance Costs

A poorly maintained automobile might result in higher insurance costs. Although there are numerous other factors that insurance providers consider when determining the premium, the car’s condition does play a big role in the final premium. Therefore, it is best that you take proper care of the car to avoid high insurance premiums.

PitStopArabia – Answer for Everything Automobile

We have discussed a lot about the dangers of missing routine automobile maintenance and care. But there is an answer to all these problems – PitStopArabia. This is a relatively new player in the UAE's automobile-related services & product market. It provides car repair services throughout the UAE.

That’s not the best thing. The standout feature is that it provides everyday services like auto brake pad or timing belt repair services at the comfort of your home or office. That’s right. PitStopArabia offers mobile repair services throughout the UAE. That means that there are no long wait times or be exposed to the virus.

The workers all comply with the coronavirus standard operating procedures while providing car repair services. Additionally, you don’t need to supervise the work. You can go about your day while their highly skilled and professional workforce carries out the repair and maintenance work on your vehicle.

Wrap Up

We highly recommend PitStopArabia to our readers from the UAE. You can check their online reviews to assess their professionalism and work quality. Lastly, the second wave of coronavirus is in full swing. Wear a mask and follow the standard operating procedures set by the authorities in your areas. Thank You. Stay Safe!