We live in a digital era where most of our daily activities are getting technology-dependent day-by-day. From voice-activated personal assistants to self-driving cars, technology is revolutionizing every aspect of our lives.

So, can we introduce technology to manage the doors of our homes? This prospect might have sounded like science fiction a couple of years ago, but affordable digital door locks have changed that perception. According to an FBI report, 36% of burglaries occurred through the front door of the property. Apart from giving you advanced connectivity options, investing in digital locks provides additional layers of security too. In this article, we list six electronic locks that are best for the protection of your home. But first, let's understand them briefly:

What is a Digital Door Lock?

Digital Door Lock
A digital door lock is an electronic system mounted directly to the lock. Rather than the traditional method of opening the lock with its key, these locks provide alternate means of accessing the door. The recent Market Research Report forecasts a CAGR of 33% in the global digital lock systems market and expects it to be a $ 14 billion industry by 2023. Some of the most commonly used technologies available on the market are:
  • Keypad: One of the earliest methods in digital lock systems is keypad-based locks that require a PIN to unlock it. They are easy to install and use. Also, you can configure the access codes at any time.
  • Biometric: Fingerprint-based entry is a convenient option for small enterprises. They can use these easily-configurable biometric locks to authorize access to the different sections of the office.
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): RFID card-based access has become a norm in hotels by now. You can open the door by placing the card in front of a card reader installed on the door panel.
  • Bluetooth-Enabled Locks: These locks use the low-energy, high-frequency Bluetooth technology to operate. After getting paired with your smartphone, they detect your presence to unlock the door automatically.
  • Smart Locks: These are the latest technology available on the market and use Wi-Fi to connect remotely. You can control these locks via apps and integrate with other smart devices in your home automation system.

Best Digital Door Locks for your Home:

After learning about the digital locks and their key technologies, let's review six high security locks that are best for your home.

Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt

The Schlage Connect smart lock is an excellent product that combines both convenience and security. Boasting an ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certification, the highest security rating, this lock offers top-notch protection for your home.

Key Features:

  • Easy installation and fits all standard door sizes
  • The built-in alarm alerts you if an intruder attempts to tamper with the lock
  • Z-Wave technology to connect with your home automation
  • You can monitor the status of the door remotely from anywhere
  • A fingerprint-resistant touchscreen can save up to 30 unique codes


  • Strong Construction
  • Voice-controlled and compatible with Alexa, Google Home, etc.
  • Highest residential security rating


  • A bit expensive
  • Remote control through a smartphone requires home automation or smart hub.

August Smart Lock (3rd Gen)

August Smart Lock offers a perfect, smart solution with keyless entry. August has been a leader in smart technologies, and this lock offers remote control through secure Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Installed on the inside of your door, this modern lock, with its unobtrusive design, effortlessly complements your home decor.

Key features:

  • Supports access via smartphones and proximity sensor
  • You can create virtual keys to give access to your guests
  • Lock/Unlock the door remotely and automatically


  • Simple Mobile App
  • Easy installation and sleek design
  • Voice-controlled and works with Alexa


  • Requires investing in additional hub for using multiple locks
  • Security rating not available

Kwikset Kevo:

If you want to retain the old-world charm of a traditional lock but want to add smart features, then Kwikset Kevo can be an excellent choice. This lock combines Bluetooth and RFID technologies to unlock the door. The lock senses your presence through Bluetooth and allows you to lock or unlock the door with one touch.

Key Features:

  • Full access to up to two devices and an unlimited number of guest access by virtual keys.
  • Kevo Mobile App to monitor the lock activity
  • iOS and Android compatibility and does not require internet


  • Attractive design that combines traditional look and high-tech features
  • Touch to open feature
  • Compatible with Alexa


  • Poor customer support
  • Low Battery life

Yale Assure Lock

You can use your smartphone App, enter the code on the touchscreen keypad, or use the traditional key to unlock your door with Yale Assure Lock. It comes with two keys and installs easily on standard doors.

Key Features:

By integrating the lock into your smart home system, you can manage it remotely from anywhere
The backlit keypad stores up to 250 PIN codes
Z-Wave technology


  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Great customer satisfaction


  • Requires separate hub for full functionality
  • Absence of a mobile app

SoHoMiLL Electronic Door Knob

This affordable electronic lock gives your home an increased security in a budget. Despite lacking advanced connectivity features, it’s been a customer's favorite. The lock provides keypad-based access and is very easy to install.

Key Features:

Auto-lock feature to ensure maximum security
Ergonomic design on knobs with anti-slip grips
Works with left-handed as well as right-handed doors.
All-weather, heavy-duty construction


  • Very cheap
  • Excellent customer satisfaction
  • Great Battery Life


  • Low on technology and connectivity features
  • Supports only eight different PIN codes

Samsung SHS-P718 LMK Smart Lock

Samsung has been a world leader in smart technologies for several years. SHS-P718 LMK Smart Lock from Samsung is a high-end device you can consider to integrate with your smart home system. This feature-rich lock offers multiple methods of secure entry like Keypad, RFID, and Fingerprint.

Key Features:

Stores up to 31 user codes, and 100 fingerprints
Sleek design to compliment your home decor
Built-in alarms for intrusion and fire
Push/pull feature for entry and exit.


  • Top-notch protection
  • Feature-rich


  • Very expensive
  • Difficult to install

Summing it up

The digital locks mentioned above come highly recommended by several customers. Specially designed high-security locks make it impossible to duplicate your home-key and safeguard against forced-entry or manipulation. By installing them in your home, give your home a high-tech makeover and yourself peace of mind.

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