Whether you are going for an out-of-town job assignment or simply downsizing your home because you need more space, there comes a time when you require extra storage. Self-storage is one of the best options for people in most situations and you would certainly want to consider it for your storage needs, but you also need to consider the challenges that have been brought on by COVID-19. The global pandemic has prompted some adjustments that have to be made and this also applies to your storage needs. Listed below are 7 tips that can be helpful during this time:

Select the right unit

You need to select the right size of unit for accommodating everything you need to keep. Due to COVID-19, interaction has to be minimal, so you cannot have face-to-face discussions with a storage service to get the necessary guidance. You can consult with them online and make use of a storage size calculator for getting the measurements. The key is to ensure that you will have enough space to move around, even after the unit is full.

Pack your boxes properly

Hiring a service to do your packing may not be suitable in the middle of a pandemic, so you have to do all the packing. Select the right boxes, according to the items you have to pack. Avoid going to the store and simply order the boxes online and get them delivered safely to your doorstep. Fill out the boxes completely to ensure they don’t break down during transport and try to evenly distribute the weight, so they are not too heavy to lift.

Label the boxes

It might seem tedious to do so, but labeling the boxes can come in handy, especially for the service you decide to use. They will be able to separate fragile items from the rest and place them separately in order to ensure that they don’t get damaged during transportation. Plus, it also helps in determining what kind of space will be needed for storing specific items.

Preparing the unit

You obviously want your belongings to stay safe and the best way to go about it is to prepare your storage unit. Place some canvas or cardboard on the floor before placing your items in the unit. Order some dehumidifiers online in this COVID-19 era and place them in the unit, especially if it is not climate-controlled. Also add some repellent for critters and mice.

Setting up the unit

Leaving these tasks to storage services is a good idea. Experts at Honorstorage.com will tell you that it is best to place frequently used items near the front to access them easily. Valuable items should be kept at the back and out of view, so they can stay safe. Likewise, you need to leave an aisle to access everything.

Storing furniture

When you have to store furniture, it is a good idea to break it down in order to prevent damage. In this COVID-19 era, you need to maintain social distance, which means hiring people to carry and transport your furniture is not a good idea. If you break large furniture down into smaller pieces, you will not require multiple people to assist you, which is less risky.

Think out of the box

You need to come up with creative solutions for your storage needs. Hire a storage service that is following all precautions amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and can provide you on-demand storage services without putting you or their employees at risk. Do your due diligence and it can save you from a lot of hassle.