Do you know that the commercial buildings account for the highest energy wastage? On an annual basis, the average commercial building waste around 40% of its energy. Not to mention that these wastages, if counts in numbers, are massive costs to the companies. That energy loss also reduces the company's overall efficiency, which means a low return on investment and lower pace growth in the long run.


There are a couple of simple things you can do to minimize that energy loss from your building. So, without ado, let's talk about the five proven and simple ways for smart buildings & see here.

1# Retrofitting 

Start with measuring your building's current energy consumption and see how much energy you actually need? After a quick analysis of energy consumption, see if you spend on smart building devices or retrofit the building. With retrofitting, you can boost the energy potential of your building.

2# Install A.I. Smart Building Sensors 

The best investment you can make to boost your building's efficiency is by installing high-performance smart building sensors that work with artificial intelligence. You can transform your ordinary building into a smart building through these devices.

3# Upgrade the lightening 

A good and efficient lighting system can reduce energy costs by up to 70%. That includes the daylight and LED light bulbs installation. First off, get the window job done and make sure you can take advantage of sunlight during the day time. Exit & Emergency LED Lighting will also better for guiding visitors to take their vehicles out or for exit. Paint the walls with a bright color, so the rooms work fine with less lighting. At last, replace the light bulbs with LED lights.

4# Get Light Sensors 

Make your building sunlight friendly, and installing an LED bulb is not enough if you want to reduce the maximum about of energy loss. For that, you should install light sensors in every part of your building. These lightening control mechanism can control all the lightening activities by turning off and on the lights automatically when required. Installing them will minimize energy wastage and boost the efficiency of your building.

5# Improve the ventilation system 

To boost the efficiency of your building, you need to make your building airtight to its maximum limit. For good air quantity, you can install or improve your current ventilation system. This will save energy in winters and summers too. The airtight building will take less power from A.C. in summers, and heaters will also save energy if there is no fresh air entering your building.

Final Words
These are five essential tips for reducing the energy wastage in your building. We hope that this guide helped you to boost the efficiency of your building.