A popular supercar enthusiast known as Supercar Blondie on Facebook has shared a video that revealed a scrapyard in Dubai where expensive cars are trashed. It should, however, be noted that the vehicles have been involved in minor and major accidents that made some of them total write-offs. 

Sharing a video on her Facebook page, Supercar Blondie showed people a Rolls Royce Wraith that had been involved in an accident.

Below are some of the reactions the video got: 

Thien Tran said: "I think people that can afford these cars in the first place won't be buying them here in these conditions. For me, even if I can get it at a bargain price, insurance and maintenance cost down the road will slowly eat me up." 

Phil Marshall said: "I lived there in 08/09 building Jumeirah Park, as soon as the recession kicked in, the cars were abandoned everywhere, loads left at the airport as people did a runner. Rumour was they ended up in a huge storage area in the desert." 

Farzad Dalal said: "You will spend a lot more than the market value to restore them to their original condition. That is why they are declared as total loss units. Some cars are flood-affected, submerged in water and are total junk irrespective of their brand name." 

Trevor Marc said: "I won’t even take it for free if I could, I mean will be nice to show off the car and all, but to fix it could cost me two new cars, and those ain’t cheap, sometimes it’s best to appreciate what you have before it’s gone."