The Global Talent Visa is primarily designed for promising individuals who want to work in the UK or run a business in the UK if they are a leader or potential leader in one of the fields of academia or research, arts and culture, and digital technology. However, an individual can only apply for a uk Global Talent Visa if he or she has successfully achieved an endorsement from a respective UK Endorsement body. The endorsing bodies in the UK are Tech Nation for Digital Technology, The Royal Society-For Science and Medicine, The Royal Academy-For Engineering, The British Academy-For Humanities, Arts Council England-For Arts and Culture, and the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)-For Research applicants. Tech Nation is the Home Office designated endorsing body who is authorised to examine endorsement applications from applicants with expertise in digital technology.

Typical Applicants

Tech Nation accepts applications from individuals with technical and/or Business skills in the digital technology sector. Technical applicants must evidence technical expertise with the latest technology whereas Business applicants must evidence a proven investment, commercial, or product expertise considering digital product businesses are concerned.

Examples of Technical Skills

DevOps/SysOps Engineers, Experienced Data Scientist/data engineers, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language, Principal Software Engineers/Developers, Cybersecurity experts, Processing and Machine Learning Experts (AI, NLP, ML), Hardware Engineers, Experienced front-end developers, Experienced video game developers, Experienced UX/UI Designers, Operating Systems Engineers, Experienced Mobile App Developers, CTO, Experienced backend developers, Virtual and augmented reality developers.

Examples of Business Skills

Experience of leading substantial VC Investment, Experience of growing product-led digital technology sector, Experience as a business/commercial Lead, Solution Sales Experts, Sector-specific experience, Experienced Product Manager, Solution sales skills performed for expanding B2B digital business, SaaS for digital services, Performance marketing experts, Experienced and Senior PE Analysts, and Experience as a C Suite in SMEs.

Please note that there are specialisms which are not suitable under Global Talent Visa are Service Delivery, Consultancy (technical or management), Outsourcing, Process Delivery, System Admins, Corporate roles of managing corporate teams, and junior analysts/investors

Eligibility Criteria

There are two options for applicants applying for endorsement in Tech Nation. Exceptional Talent applicants will already have gained recognition as leaders in their qualifying field. Exceptional Promise will be potential leaders who are likely to be earlier in the career, typically holding a 5 or less commercial experience. The candidates are yet to establish a track record of innovation. Also, note that Tech Nation’s discretion is to examine each application based on its own merits and make a recommendation in favour of or against endorsement.

Exceptional Talent

Key Criteria 
  • Have a proven track record of innovation in the sector of digital technology
  • Proof of recognition for work outside the occupation that he or she has contributed to the advancement of the digital technology sector.

Qualifying Criteria

  • Have made noticeable commercial, technical, or entrepreneurial contributions.
  • Have been recognised as a leading talent in the sector.
  • Have undergone continuous learning/mastery of digital skills i.e. technical or commercial.
  • Have demonstrated exceptional ability in the area of expertise by making academic contributions. 
  • Exceptional Promise

Key Criteria

  • Provide more than one example of innovation in the form of pieces of evidence in the digital technology sector.
  • Proof of recognition for work outside the individual’s occupation that has contributed to the advancement of digital technology sector.

Qualifying Criteria

  • Have made noticeable commercial, technical, or contributions in the sector.
  • Have been recognised as having the prospect to be a leading talent.
  • Have undergone learning/mastery of new digital skills i.e. technical or commercial.
  • Provide more than one example to demonstrate exceptional ability in the digital technology field by making academic contributions.

Fast Track

An applicant can expect a fast track decision if he or she being accepted onto a current programme at one of the renowned UK accelerators programmes like Antlers, Barclays Accelerators, Collider, Bethnal Green Ventures, Cylon, Creative Destruction Lab, Founder’s Academy, Entrepreneurs first, Founder Factors, and many more.

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