Best Cooler
Coolers prove to be really important if you go out on a long trip with friends or family members. It can keep your foods and drinks in the right condition and prevent them from getting bad. The market is practically flooded with various types of coolers. If you are looking for the perfect cooler for your upcoming trip, you will have to know what all features you need in the cooler and have a proper budget. It is obviously not a simple task for any of you.

Apart from the countless number of brands, you will find different models with different price tags and different features. It is important for you to know that there are several companies that import coolers made in some other country. However, it is always better to buy one that is made in the US. Whether you have a fishing trip in mind or simply a road trip, choosing the right cooler is crucial.

Factors to Consider While Shopping for Coolers

In order to determine that you have indeed purchased the perfect cooler, you need to have a proper idea about their features and their prices. This may not be as simple for the first time. Discussed below you will find some factors to keep in mind while shopping for the perfect cooler.
  • Insulation: The basic function of a cooler is to keep your foods and drinks cool for a long period of time. If you are ready to invest in a cooler, you will definitely like to make sure that it successfully keeps your foods and drinks cool for a long time even on hot summer days. Thus, it is always better to choose a cooler that comes with the best possible insulation chamber. It should be capable enough for longer ice retention and proper protection from forest critters. Look for a cooler that comes with polyurethane insulation foam with a minimum of 2” thick insulation. If the lid also comes with a shark fin lid gasket, it will provide an airtight chamber inside that will keep the contents cool for a long time.
  • Capacity: Coolers come in different shapes and sizes. Some of the most common sizes include 50, 75 and 100 quarts. However, there are several branded coolers that come with a smaller capacity as opposed to the advertised one. Thus, make sure that the size promised by a manufacturer is what you actually get from the cooler and nothing less.
  • Durability: Coolers from The Cooler Talks are supposed to be used outdoors. This is why you need one that is durable in nature. You will certainly not like the idea of the cooler getting damaged in the middle of a fishing trip. Always choose a cooler that comes with unique cantilever design lid latches and full-length self-stop aluminum hinges. The cantilever design lid latches will ensure a breaking point of more than 170 pounds of force, which literally means that it will not break during the trip. The self-stop aluminum hinges will also ensure that the lid stays attached shut no matter what the situation. Anti-skid rubber feet will also prevent the cooler from sliding all over the car while on the move.
  • Easy to Use: When it comes to a cooler, you will obviously wish to buy one that is pretty simple to use. Thus, always make sure to buy one that does take a long time for you to either open or shut. Always opt for a cooler that allows a single person to carry it with the help of longer rope handles. If you are planning to use it for a fishing trip, buy a cooler that comes with oversized drain plugs so that you can easily drain off the water from inside. If it also comes with open grab rails, it will help you tie it to your car securely.
  • Warranty and Pricing: Sometimes, choosing the perfect cooler may empty your pocket by a good amount. Thus, you may have to do proper research before you finally find the perfect cooler that will not burn a hole in your pocket. Also, choose coolers that come with sufficient warranty periods. Good quality ones come with 5-years of warranty against any manufacturing defects.
Shopping for the right cooler may not seem as simple as it may sound to you. However, if you keep the above discussed factors in mind, things may get much simpler for you. It will help save your time and also lay your hands on one of the best quality coolers for your trip.