Shared Hosting vs VPS Server
If you wish to start your site but don’t know which hosting provider can provide you with server space. Then you can always search for different hosting services which are available. These hosting services can provide support to many types of sites so the sites so it can leave a great impact on your site. Let’s check out the most popular web hosting Shared hosting and VPS hosting that might be suitable for your requirements.

In simple words Shared hosting is a very cheap option of hosting where your websites are sharing one server with other websites A set of resources are provided to you but can maintain a small website without spending enough money. While a Website Host Zone VPS also shares the server, but the other websites won’t affect the performance. Thus, it gives you more freedom and performance options. It is more expensive than Shared hosting. Listed below are some features of Shared hosting and VPS.

What is Shared Hosting?

Let's assume shared hosting as an apartment which you are living in now and you are sharing places like backyard, parking lot and a pool. So, these places which you imagined are the same resources as CPU, memory and disk space. These are the things which you will be sharing with other users on the hosting server as they are the same.

This is the reason Shared hosting is reasonably cheap than the other options available. The bandwidth available might be limited and might slow down when the traffic is high, as you share the same server with the others. It’s the same as sharing the pool, you can only enjoy it when the pool is not crowded. In Share hosting you have to think about a lot of things like when your website might slow down due to increase in traffic.

Why Should Anyone Choose Shared Hosting?

  • If you want to make an average-size website or a blog.
  • Have to work on a small budget.
  • You are not much aware about web development.

  • Hosting solution is friendly to beginners.
  • It gives you a standard setup.
  • You don’t require much technical support.
  • Less expensive than the other hosting options.

  • You get less bandwidth most of the time and less storage option than VPS.
  • It is susceptible to errors when there is an increase in traffic.
  • You don’t have root access.
  • Your access to the backend is limited.

What is a VPS Server?

When you are using a VPS hosting the physical server would be on a sharing basis, but each user has their own set of specified resources. It states that you would never be affected by the other websites which generally happens with Shared Hosting. What VPS hosting does is that it provides your website with a virtual dedicated partition for every user thus it makes sure that you have all the resources available all the time.

Obviously, it has a higher price than share hosting because of this reason. Let's take the same example as before, Partition of the VPS being a penthouse and there are many apartments like the one you have in the building you live in. However, you have everything you need and don’t have to share anything with everyone.

Why Should Anyone Choose VPS Hosting?

  • Got a business and want to expand it sometime in the future.
  • You have the funds to invest in your site.
  • You are expecting a high traffic for your website in the near future.


  • You get root access to your server.
  • Memory and bandwidth are more.
  • Another site’s traffic won’t affect your website.
  • Faster and stable option.


  • Price is higher.
  • You would require assistance from a technical team to manage it.


It's not enough that you are aware just about the definitions. Here is something to help you compare the two hosting types so that you can understand which one would be better for you.

Security and Performance: Every website needs security hence both the hosting options provide a secure way to provide hosting for your site. However, there are some small differences. If you are using a shared hosting your website might be affected if there is a problem on the other user’s website. Also, if the other has already used a lot of your bandwidth then your website will become slow.

Scalability: It is much easier to scale up VPS hosting when you are comparing it to Shared hosting. Shared hosting is a good option only if your plan is for a short-term business or if the website you want is for a small business. Yu will start having problems if the traffic increases later on.