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Hunting is not as easy as they make it look in movies or you hear in the stories of other hunters. If you are planning on hunting a mule deer, then you need to know a few tips before you go out on your adventure. Hunting can turn out to be dangerous if you are not well-equipped or well prepared for what you can face in the wild. If you are wondering how to score a mule deer, then you need to learn the 5 core tips that will help make your hunt a successful one.


It is essential to get some information beforehand. You do not want to show up at the place the same day and rely on to find a mule deer immediately. You need to plan and spot a mule deer and then follow his routine to decide the best time to hunt it down. Mules usually do not have a very set routine, but if you see a mule deer at a place for two consecutive times of the day, then there are chances that you will find it there the third time as well. Use the time you have wisely and know what you are up against.

Glassing a Mule Deer

Select a good point for glassing and typically look for the mule in the shades, since they are usually lurking there. Starting early hunt is another essential tip for glassing. As soon as the sun starts to rise, get in your glassing position.

Keep Your Distance

If you are hunting with a rifle, then it will be straightforward. Keeping 200 yards distance between you and the mule will be ideal, and you can get a good shot from this much distance. But if you are into archery hunting, then it is essential to be very careful. It is better to have a companion who can have your back while you set your aim.

Evade Mule’s Senses

The Mule’s senses are very sharp, and you can seldom fool a mule’s smelling sense. It is essential to use a decent camouflage or else it will be impossible to get a mule. Try not to wear shoes when you are near the mule to reduce the rustle of the leaves.

Drizzling brings the Golden Opportunity

If the weather forecast shows drizzle, get your gear, and go out in the open to hunt down the mule. The rain forces the mules to go in the open and look for water-soaked vegetation. The rain can also mute some of the noise that you make while you are navigating through, so this is your golden opportunity to hunt.

These are just a few tips that you can employ if you want to hunt a mule deer. If you want an expert opinion, you can get in touch with a professional hunter and use his experience to know more about the realities that you can face in the wild.