Junk Removal Services
Renting a dumpster is easy. However, for those that have never done it before, getting the right service provider is a hustle. With tons of them in the industry, you can easily get caught up in a web of confusion. Therefore, before you use junk removal services, it is imperative that you learn the fundamental facts.

You’ll probably need to hire junk removal services at some point in your life. For instance, when you are moving to a new house, remodeling, or even carrying out a spring cleaning project. All of these activities and more, need a dumpster to collect all clutter and junk. But before you go ahead and look for a dumpster, here’s what you need to know:

It may take time to research an entire industry when looking for the right company. However, the availability of reviews online can help you do this faster. And to be honest, it’s all worth it in the end, regardless of how much effort or time it takes.

A lot of the research time should go towards checking company backgrounds and customer testimonials. This can act as a guide to what you can expect from them when you use junk removal services.

Evaluate the Project Concerned

Why do you need to junk removal services in the first place? What amount of clutter or junk do you expect to have, and what type? These are important questions you’ll need to answer when thinking of renting a dumpster.

Often many people blindly order a dumpster to their homes without a proper plan. If anything, the dumpster you rent may not fit the needs of your project. Therefore, initial preparation is not only advisable, but also mandatory.

In case you have a ‘talent’ in forgetting stuff, then this is where a checklist comes in handy. Decluttering isn’t an easy process, and many forget vital stuff that needs to go out. Thus, having a to-do list and checking it on the D-day would go a long way.

Experts argue that you should start the preparations even a week beforehand. The first step usually is assessment. Evaluate the entire project in detail, and then set a date for the decluttering process. When you call to junk removal services, they’ll need all of this information to determine how best they’ll serve you.

Get Estimates before You Use Junk Removal Services

When you’re following a specific budget, then pricing is an important factor to consider. Therefore, it would be best if you got estimates from different service providers before settling on one.

The estimate will depend on the information you submit to the dumpster rental company. When you jot down all the junk that you plan to dispose of, you’ll know what container size you need.

Basically, a standard garage or basement declutter process would need a 15 yard dumpster. On the other hand, if you are removing your roof and replacing with another, you’ll need a 40 yard dumpster. Simple remodeling plans in the bathroom or kitchen would need a 10 yard dumpster.

The rental company you choose will give you a better estimate based on your needs. Note the difference in pricing, depending on the location and size of the dumpster. Some rentals may be as low as $100 for a 10 yard dumpster to as much as $700 for a large 40 yard dumpster.

Prepare for the Drop-Off

You’ll need to ensure that the exact location where the dumpster will sit is clear. You wouldn’t want a scenario where the rental company brings the dumpster, and you get to delay them. Do this preparation a day or two before the drop-off to avoid such inconveniences.

Remember that a dumpster needs a hard and level ground. Therefore, if your driveway is the ideal place to drop it off, then you need it clean and ready. Also, if there’s no other space aside from the city street, then you’ll need to get proper permits. In case you aren’t sure of how to get the permit, you can seek help from your dumpster provider.

Once it arrives, you’ll need to be ready with all the stuff that needs to get in. Besides, you’ll need to check how long you have with the dumpster, as this will help you decide the schedule.

Ask the Standard Timeframe

Before you use junk removal services, it would help if you asked how long you’ll have their container. If it is five days, then you should know that surpassing this period will result in additional charges. Therefore, make sure that the timeframe they give you is enough to complete your clearing process.
Call to Junk Removal Services Early

Don’t wait till the last minute to make a phone call to junk removal services. Schedule a call early enough so that you’ll be sure everything you need is present. This includes the exact size of the container you want.

Final Thoughts

Before you use junk removal services, try following the above protocol. It’ll help you save time and money. Besides, early preparation is the key.