Divi POS/Masternode solution
Divi is a blockchain-based project and cryptocurrency smart wallet that aims to build a complete worldwide ecosystem , accessible to anyone while being on top of decentralized private payment solution( lightning network being a great addition to increase the possibilities for transactions). With the inherent hassle of the technical knowledge needed to enter the crypto field and especially the masternode networks, Divi created a whole all-in-one solution making crypto less demanding for the majority of common investors and for the general public across the world. Being a community-oriented project , Divi has introduced several financial incentives to increase the interest in participating in the project including MOCCI solutions and lottery rewards in an easy-to-use and intuitive wallet interface. Technically speaking , Divi is also a fork of DASH and PIVX bringing a high-degree of technical features into the ecosystem.

Masternode Systems are part of many PoS cryptocurrencies and is now a complete branch among all the different variants that were introduced during the past years. When a coin holder has enough coins for a masternode, he or she can send a specific amount of coins into a node’s wallet, and thus earn newly minted coins when blocks are produced ( this parameter might differ depending on each blockchain native configuration and block settings). The system was specially developed and designed to replace the proof-of-work consensus and its many drawbacks both for economy and ecology. The masternode software can be thought of like a different version of mining, with far less power consumption. The masternode communicates with other nodes in the network and keeps a copy of the blockchain, constantly checking and updating it , ensuring the network runs smoothly. Through the utilization of the native currency, DIVI , for the different services within the ecosystem , investors have the chance to get all the benefits of this masternode coin.

Tiered masternode solutions and MOCCI feature for global adoption

Divi’s solution comprises two major features designed to help users and investors generating a passive income easily without having to learn deep code programming or learning all the technical aspects of the POS systems :
  • MOCCI : A true one-click cloud-based Masternode solution for ordinary people. It allows to use an intuitive interface to easily install it in the cloud.
  • Layered System : By creating a tiered-masternode offer,investors are able to accumulate more DIVI and improve their masternode’s chance to earn block awards against all the other network’ users.

The last feature, the lottery block gives a chance to win a raffle on top from staking.

Masternode Tiers :
  • Diamond (10,000,000 DIVI): +20% chance
  • Platinum (3,000,000 DIVI): +15% chance
  • Gold (1,000,000 DIVI): +10% chance
  • Silver (300,000 DIVI) : +5% chance
  • Copper (100,000 DIVI) : No associated %
The different chances of earning coins improves proportionally with the number of coins held in masternodes and thus the system rewards long-term holders. This vision and network incentives investors to actively participate in the Divi ecosystem and in the masternode network for the long-term success and to develop a steady passive income.