iPhone XS Max’s Screen
It looks like Apple is intent on making its phones harder to repair with each passing year. What makes this worse is the fact that current smartphone design trends are producing phones that are incredibly fragile. A Bezel-less screen with curved edges, large protruding camera lenses, and shiny glass back can look attractive. But all of this also creates a recipe for phones that are fragile.

If you own an iPhone XS Max, you should keep your phone tucked away in a protective case. Not protecting your phone will ultimately lead to you having a bad time. Should you end up damaging your phone, you will need to get it repaired. Despite being tough to repair, the iPhone XS Max is not impossible to repair. Most of its components can be replaced. Today, we’re going to talk about the XS Max screen repair process.

The screen is the most fragile part of any smartphone. This makes it really easy to damage. And when it sustains damage, your phone’s functionality becomes really compromised. The only way to fix a damaged screen is by replacing it with a new one. And in order to do that, your phone needs to be disassembled.

Who Can Repair Your iPhone, XS Max?

Repairing smartphones is not easy, especially if they’re iPhones since they are so hard to open. You need to take your phone to a certified and well-experienced technician for this job. Someone who has the knowledge and the equipment needed to safely repair your device.

If you live in a region where apple screen repair and replacement services, you’re in luck. You can take your phone to the nearest Apple repair centre. If your phone is under warranty or Apple Care, the repairs will cost you next to nothing. However, if your warranty is gone, Apple’s repair services will cost you a pretty penny.

For people who live in regions not covered by Apple, you will have to rely on third-party repair labs. Now, third-party repair labs are not a bad option at all. In fact, in some cases, they can even be better than first-party options. Third-party repair labs have access to the right resources and can be quite professional. What’s more, they can fix your phone for you at a much lower cost and significantly faster.

The Repair Process

Regardless of who you take your device to, the repairing process is going to be the same. Your iPhone will be disassembled in order to take the old screen out and replace it with a new one.
  • The iPhone XS Max has a glass back cover held in place with powerful adhesive. Smartphone companies have been using adhesive to hold their phones together for many years now. The adhesive helps with water resistance and reduces the number of screws in a device. This adhesive becomes a problem when you want to open your phone. The adhesive needs to be heated and gradually cut away in order to open up a phone. This process is time-consuming and it places pressure on your phone’s back cover. This pressure can very easily break your glass back cover since it is so fragile.
  • In its recent phones, Apple has begun using an adhesive that is hard to remove with conventional methods. As a workaround for this, iPhones, including the XS Max have to be disassembled from the front rather than the back. Opening up your phone from the front is just as risky since your screen can get damaged. However, this doesn’t matter if your screen is already broken.
  • Once your phone is opened up, there are loads of fragile ribbon cables connecting various components together. These cables need to be carefully disconnected in order to separate the screen and the rest of the phone. This part takes a lot of patience and a delicate hand. Once the old screen has been disconnected, a new one can be set in its place. And if all goes well, your phone should be good as new.
  • A screen repair can take 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on who’s doing it. If you go to a third-party lab, they will probably return your phone to you on the very same day as well.


The iPhone XS Max is delicate and hard to repair. However, it is not an irreparable device. You can take it to an expert and they can repair your phone quite easily. It all comes down to having the right knowledge and equipment. Getting inside an iPhone XS Max takes skill and care.

Out of all the phone repair jobs out there, screen repairs are the simplest. They can be completed within 1 hour if the person carrying out the repairs knows what they are doing. And once your phone is repaired, it will be as good as new.