Your Boss
To get ahead in life, you'll need to impress a lot of people and in most cases, these are your superiors. But when it comes to winning over your boss, that's a whole new ball game, as both your career and finances depend upon your efforts. Whether it's career advancement you're after, or just an easier time at work, you have to make a good impression. For some, this comes naturally, since they have a certain way with people. But if you don't fit into that category, the good news is that with the tips listed below, you'll get the hang of it and win over your boss.

1. Take the initiative.

Every organization, in every industry, is merely trying to get ahead of the game. You need to take the initiative and look for new ways to streamline operations. Especially with the recent pandemic events, businesses need to seek out more efficient ways to operate. So, if you've been with your employer for some time, why not be a good team member by leading the way with new employee training? This will certainly help to ease the burden off senior managers.

The best way to carry out employee training is to use employee training videos. Video lessons are an effective way to get a new employee on board quickly. So, if your company is looking to make a training video for new employees, you'll be surprised at the number of services available. For a more modern spin on creating a training session, COLDEA Productions is a good choice to show you how.

They offer all sorts of video content, including video training. With a skilled team of videographers, photographers, and animators, they create internal brand awareness videos to get your organization ahead of competitors. But their services aren't limited to their videos; they also help out with website design and overall branding.

2. Dress the way you want to be addressed.

There's something about the way you dress that makes people see you differently. No one is asking you to abandon your sense of style. Simply dress smartly while adding your personal touch to the mix. For a small-statured, stylish lady, petite womens suits go a long way to exude all the confidence you need. Everyone, including your boss, will see you in a new light with stylish clothes from White House Black Market.

Their petite line explicitly calls out to professional women who are looking to make a good impression. This online store offers affordable clothing that'll knock your socks off. For every season, there's usually one or two promotional deals available. With clothes like this, you're sure to get on your boss' good side.

3. Always be ready to learn.

Change is inevitable in every business, so it'll do you well to embrace it. A great way to get on your boss's good side is to remain knowledgeable. There is a lot to benefit from by leveling up as a Project Management Professional (PMP). To become one, you'll first have to pass the PMP exam and thus obtain your PMP certification.

This exam often scares the living daylights out of people, but you can find the right PMP exam prep online to help you pull through. Sites like Brain Sensei can aid you immensely with your PMP exam preparation. The service gauges where you are and provides the best-suited learning materials. The lessons are equally relatable, and you can take a practice test to determine your progress.

With their online courses, study material, exam prep practice questions, and quizzes, you'll be well on your way to passing your PMP exam. Even better is the fact that you're first offered a free trial before signing up for the practice tests and mock exams. Also, you won't have to spend a lot of money once you enrol on Brain Sensei's course. After you obtain your PMP certificate, you'll be in better standing to earn more respect from your boss.

4. Get to know your boss.

We're not asking you to invite your boss over to your house, or go for a drink together after work. Simply have a conversation with them and learn what they like, so that you can accustom yourself to their work style. That'll go a long way to improve your relationship with your boss. For one, you won't have much of a trial and error experience since you'll have firsthand knowledge of how he/she works.

5. Be loyal.

For many businesses, workplace gossip is practically part of the company culture. It's all too common to gather in the break room and get mouthy about how much of a tyrant the boss is. But whatever you do, don't do this. Loyalty is key if you want to maintain a solid relationship with your boss. The thing about office gossip is that it always ends up getting back to the people it is about. So, if you have a problem with your superior, be an adult and have a conversation with them about your grievances first. They will appreciate your candor much more than your clandestine.