Plains Car Accident Lawyer
White Plains continues its Auto Racing tradition with the launch of SRX, but the city has an entirely different narrative regarding car crashes.

With December and June being the most dangerous months for driving in White Plains, motor vehicle accidents are the second leading cause for hospital admissions.

Apart from enduring severe injuries, the financial ramifications after a car accident can be staggering. Here’s where a lawyer can come to your rescue. A White Plains personal injury attorney will earnestly defend your rights in the court of law, legally helping you win the maximum compensations for your losses. Though you can argue about hiring a lawyer, here are some of the top reasons discussed for a better perspective.

Estimating the Right Value for Your Injuries

As per a 2017 report, Westchester drivers suffered from moderate to grave injuries in over 1,100 car accidents, while 24% suffered from traumatic brain injuries.

With such injuries endured in a car crash, your medical bills are for sure to surpass your paying capacity. Besides, the other party will do its best to argue for the least possible settlement.

A personal injury lawyer can assess your damages incurred in the crash and works on getting you fair remunerations.

Smart Handling of Insurance Companies

As per New York State Insurance Law §5102 (d), you can pursue your car accident remittance and claim $25,000 to $50,000 for your damages.

However, the insurance companies will deny liability, and in some cases, tend to downplay your injuries, devaluing your losses.

A skilled White Plains personal injury attorney knows how to deal with the manipulative insurers. They negotiate with them, ensuring the consultants don’t find any plausible reason to deny your fair share of settlements.

Adherence to the Statute of Limitations

In White Plains, the statute of limitations for filing for coverages is three years from the accident date.

On average, a White Plains driver gets a bill for an average of about $94,000, and if you miss the filing timeline, the crash can turn into a financial burden for you.

A prompt personal injury lawyer will help you build a strong case in no time and ensure you file the claims within the three-year limit.

Determining the Liability

White Plains belongs to a "No-fault" insurance state, and regardless of who is at fault, certain damages get automatically covered. Besides, the "pure comparative fault" rule makes both parties share the responsibility for the crash.

An accomplished lawyer collects all relevant evidence, building an unbeatable case in your favor. They effortlessly prove you as the victim or try to show that you are way less liable than the other party, ensuring minimal cuts in your claims.

Handling the Legalities of Your Car Accident Case

The White Plains drivers between the ages of 20 and 24 are more likely to meet with car crashes. It is the prime age and you could be the sole bread earner in the family.

With a car crash taking a toll on your health, you might find it challenging to take care of your case legal aspects. So, the best alternative is to enroll an adept lawyer to manage all the legalities, give you sufficient time to recover and fight for your reparations.

Filing a Lawsuit

If the mediation fails, your attorney can help file a lawsuit to counterattack the insurance consultant's arguments.

The White Plains attorneys will take a legal course in the Civil Court for claims no more than $25,000. Otherwise, they pursue your case in the Supreme Court.

A recent report reveals that the Hutchinson River Parkway in White Plains is among the most dangerous New York Parkways. Besides, drunk drivers cause 60 to 75% of White Plains car accidents.

Being a victim in a car crash can be overwhelming, both physically and financially. It is best to consult a personal injury lawyer, ensuring you win the restitution that duly covers the full extent of your losses.