Staffing Agency Partnership

Thinking about making the most of a staffing partner? This is a great way to improve business plans, reduce turnover, and quickly fill key roles like an operations manager in your organization. As experienced experts in the field, recruiters can shorten the time spent on searching for quality staff through screening and preliminary interviews. This way, organizations are able to cope with the rapidly changing business environment and unpredictable economic prospects.

However, it’s important to understand that all recruiting agencies are created differently. Therefore, it’s crucial to find the agency that best aligns with your organization’s goals.

What you need to consider when choosing a creative staffing agency:


Find out the experience your partner has working with other clients. For how long has the staffing agency been on business? Did they just start their recruiting firm only a few months ago? Always go stability and longevity in executive search firms.

Only a few staffing agencies are masters in the industry. Therefore, its crucial to find an agency with proven expertise to ensure they are equipped with required skills for recruitment. Also, check the turnover of the agency at the company itself. 


What specific skills do they possess? What are they specialized in? Do they have experiencing placing applicants in crucial areas you consider as the most demanding? Such questions will help you find a partner who understands your industry better.

Also, ensure they placed the qualities of applicants that you want. For instance, if you want C-level executives and the recruit entry-level experts, the firm clearly don’t understand their work mandate. Besides, they should have professionals required to assess candidates for recruitment.


Connections with the right people is key. Does the firm hire locally, regionally or internationally? Do they have what it takes to hire regardless of the place or your requirements? Say you require the help of a virtual office assistant, for instance. Does the agency have several reputable outsourced virtual talent firms they work with, and the ability to find individuals tailored to the specific role you need? If not, they are not the agency you should work with. Also, when choosing an agency, you should make sure the one you decide upon has an adequate amount of bandwidth to take your industry on.


What methods does the agency use for advertisement and recruiting of candidates? How do they screen candidates? Remember you are paying for their skills. Ensure they are detailed and systematic like you would. You deserve nothing but the best candidates. Ensure their screening standards match your company expectations.

You should be assured of candidates who meet all job requirements. And since each company has its own unique needs, ensure the staffing agency takes time to familiarize itself with your business culture.


Client satisfaction is important for lasting success in the industry. Check on the kind of success the staffing agency had choosing and placing candidates. How long did they take to find the right candidates for the task? Is the candidates still working?

The search firm should be willingly share their scores, as they’re remarkably great. Ask for recommendations and referrals from past clients in order to understand their success rates.

Contingency or retainer

A staffing agency working on contingency basis means it offers free flexible services until the time a successfully recruited candidates takes a position with the client. On the other hand, working on retained level of service means the staffing agency will charge upfront fee before recruiting. You need to decide on the kind of service that works better for your company. In other words, make sure you are on the same financial page prior to signing the agreement.

Flexible solutions

In a great world, you would be ready to predict precisely how the business of yours is going to run when the employees of yours get sick. But this's the actual world, also to operate in your fullest, you've to be versatile. A temp staffing company can present you with flexibility. Here is the way a temp staffing agency can help you.

Unpopular Shifts

Do you have a shift that nobody appears to want? Do the workers of yours tense up when you will mention scheduling because they do not want to alter their private lives to work at uncommon times? Say good-bye to the stress as well as a conflict by permitting a temp staffing company to fill those unwanted adjustments. Let your standard personnel stay with the schedules which work best with the life theirs, and also make use of temp workers to fill up the remainder.

Maternity Leave

Several employers regulate the staffing shortage brought on my maternity leave by delegating the brand new parent's projects to various other employees. This solution may help you save money, though it is not well worth the headaches. The majority of the staff of yours is going to feel jealous and resentful of the brand new parent. Resolve the issue by working with a temp staffing agency locate as well as train an alternative to fill in while the personnel of yours is on maternity leave. If the new parent will come back, they will not need to face a stack of resentful colleagues or incomplete work, and you will not suffer from inadequate morale in the staff members of yours.


Regrettably, everybody faces illness every so often. Whether you have a work out for a few days with the flu or even out for many weeks following surgery, you will need substitutes to keep in addition to things. If you create a working relationship and have a temp staffing company, you can contact the company on short notice and also obtain- Positive Many Meanings - a temp before the standard employees of yours can return.

Family Matters

One benefit most valued by personnel is the freedom to deal with family matters. Parents of children that are small occasionally have to remain home with children that are ill or even leave work first to attend an elementary school choir concert. Older parents may wish to take a brief leave to assist a daughter having the first baby of her or to go to with grandchildren. Using a temp staffing company can enable you to provide for much more flexibility for the people of yours. You will find that the personnel of yours are happier plus more prepared to work hard for you if you supply them with the flexibility to attend to the families of theirs.

Seasonal Fluctuations

Most businesses have chaotic times or seasonal fluctuations in the entire year. When you've usually muddled from these times with only the normal staff of yours, you understand exactly how burned out personnel can get when they've to work overtime for a lot of days or weeks in a row. Furthermore, it is very costly to pay overtime on a routine basis. At another end of the spectrum, you likely have slower instances when workers have not much to do. It is difficult paying individuals to stand around and talk, though you realize you will require them dearly when the company picks up. A temp staffing agency can provide you with the flexibility to utilize the actual number of individuals you need, whether you are slow or busy. Temps can help take proper care of the hectic times of yours so that you do not need to pay burden or overtime the regular staff of yours.