People are finally waking up to the truth of that old adage "You are what you eat!". Our addictions to unhealthy, highly processed food filled with preservatives and artificial colourings are beginning to give way to sensible, natural diets that can sustain us for years to come, and actually prolong our lifespans!

One great way to make sure you get the proper nutrients your body needs is to buy fresh food online and have it delivered conveniently right to your door! In the past, you could only get fast food delivered, but now there are plenty of healthy options to choose from, too!

Here are a few tips we have collected to help you eat better!

Let's start with how you cook your food. Deep-frying, grilling, broiling, and frying are all very popular ways to prepare fish, fowl, and meats, and can be used once in a while in moderation as a treat, but day in and day out you are far better off baking or roasting your meals.

The problem with deep-frying, broiling, and frying is that a witch's brew of toxic compounds is formed during their preparation. These harmful chemicals include polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, advanced glycation end products, and heterocyclic amines- trust us, they are just as awful as they might sound! These compounds have all been linked to severe health conditions like cancer and heart disease!

The better, healthier methods of cooking your foods include:
  • stewing
  • baking
  • simmering
  • broiling
  • sous-vide
  • poaching
  • pressure cooking
  • slow cooking

The methods listed above don’t cause the formation of those harmful compounds so your food will be healthier and safer to eat.

And again, you can still enjoy the occasional deep-fried chicken or grilled fish, just not every day, try to use those methods very sparingly as something special, not as a staple.

Now let's talk about those sugary drinks! Soft drinks and mass-produced fruit juices are chock full of added sugars, which have been connected to harmful conditions like obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Moreover, all that added sugar doesn’t satisfy your appetite in the way that nutrient-rich natural food and drink does. Sugary beverages consist of empty calories that won't leave you feeling satiated.

Replace those unhealthy sugary drinks with sugar-free alternatives, or pure, sparkling water, you will feel better, and look better, too!

Speaking of drinks, it's very important for your health to drink enough water! Scientific research has proven beyond all doubt that plain old fresh drinking water will hasten weight loss and help you maintain a healthy weight. It can also increase the number of calories your body burns daily. Drinking plenty of water before you eat your meals will reduce your appetite and slow down your food intake. Water is the fundamental building block of human life, it's critical that you drink it every day to keep your mind and body active and healthy!

We hope these tips inspire you to enjoy a healthier diet, your body will thank you for it!