May is the month for giving gifts to the most loving people worldwide - the mothers! It is time to make tough decisions to show appreciation for moms, mothers-in-law or wives. Flowers are also the best idea for mothers day flowers sydney gifts for the special women in life.

For those unsure of what to buy, there is a list of suitable blooms with positive meanings. It is essential to pick the right blooms and share love and appreciation.

Top popular flowers to gift for Mother's Day


Carnations are the official flower of Mother's Day. It symbolizes the following:
  • purity
  • faith
  • love
  • beauty

All the traits represent the integrity of Motherhood.

Carnations come in various colors and also have longest-lasting flowers, something that moms will appreciate! On Mother's Day, it is perfect to choose red and pink carnations. Pink carnations will also symbolize the mother's never-ending and pure love. It is used to express thankfulness and appreciation. 

Red carnations symbolize:
  • sincere love
  • affection
  • admiration


Tulips are an elegant choice to gift and happen to be in season on Mother's Day. The flower represents perfect love. Most tulip's colors are suitable for an occasion and the option of color depends on the exact message to send.

Pink tulips will represent the following:
  • affection
  • good wishes
  • health

Red tulips signify romance and passion, it is perfect for showing the wife appreciation. Purple tulips represent royalty and elegance, which makes them a great option for the mother-in-law.

Orange and yellow tulips symbolize joy, hope, and happiness.


Sending love, and expressing beauty, luxury and strength through giving orchids to your mother is a perfect gift. In Chinese and Asian cultures, the suspicious flower symbolizes the following:
  • Abundance
  • Wealth

These are lucky plants to have at home. Also, add some cutting of orchids or potted ones to last for a long time. Purple or pink orchids symbolize respect, elegance, and aspiration. Green orchids represent fortune and good health.


Lilies are beloved flowers by many mothers out there because of the large bloom size and its beautiful shape. These flowers can be of different species and colors, associated with:
  • fortune
  • happiness
  • motherhood

But, lilies are toxic to cats and with a strong scent. If your recipient has a cat or is sensitive to scent, never recommend lilies or don't choose lilies. The different colors of lilies symbolize to:
  • White lily. It represents purity and majesty.
  • Pink lilies. It symbolizes admiration, abundance, and love.


It also symbolizes the following:
  • gratitude
  • grace
  • beauty

The multi-petaled bloom and lush flowers are great for mothers who give unconditional love and support. Here are what the different colors of its flowers symbolize:
  • Blue hydrangeas. It represents deep gratitude and understanding.
  • Pink hydrangeas. It represents love and sincerity.
  • White hydrangeas. It represents grace and purity.
  • Purple hydrangea. It shows abundance and understanding.

With all these types of flowers that can be a perfect choice for a Mother's Day bouquet gift, pick the one that represents the receiver or recipient.