There are many types of escape rooms, including various themes and also VR or physical escape rooms. The gist of the escape rooms is that you, along with your team, will be locked in a room full of puzzles and mysteries. You will have to solve them to get out, even if you fail to solve the puzzles then the game officials will open the door at the end of the duration, and you will sadly lose the game.

If you don’t want to lose the game and be a fox in a box, then we suggest that you roll up some smart tricks up your sleeves. We will discuss some of those tricks for you so that you emerge victorious from the game instead of losing it. These tricks are sure to help you in your whole escape room experience.

5 Smart tricks to use in an escape room:

  1. Leave the keys in the locks:
    Now, once you have settled yourself in the game room environment and are now high on solving puzzles and opening locks, then it is suggested that you leave all the keys in the locks that you have already opened. This will help you keep the used keys in one place and not mix up with the used ones. This will save you and your teammate’s time.

  1. Don’t overthink:
    The more you overthink the room and the puzzles, the more paranoid you will get. The most important thing is to enjoy the time with your friends without worrying about anything else. Because the door will eventually get opened by the officials after the time is up.

  1. Don’t clutter the room:
    We are not saying this because it is bad manners to clutter a room but because you will be disturbed as you won’t find anything in a cluttered room. Pile all the things that you have used like keys and puzzle pieces in the corner of the room so that you know where to find that specific key if you need it again.

  1. Ignore the distractions:
    The vr global escape room won’t only have clues and puzzles to be solved (because frankly, it will make the game too easy), but there will also be many distractions to slow you down. Scrutinize the room with your team and determine which things need to be ignored.

  1. Don’t use force:
    There is a 99% chance that your escape room doesn’t require you to use force, and breaking things because you can’t find a solution is a terrible thing. Talk to your team and calmly try to solve your way out of the room.