Calling a lawyer immediately after your arrest for driving under the influence was a smart move. In the times ahead, having someone like Jeff Mass, DUI lawyer on your side will make dealing with the case a lot simpler. That’s because your lawyer will do whatever can be done to have the charges dismissed. Why does this matter? Here are some examples of what the lawyer’s efforts could do to help you in the future.

The Impact of a Conviction on Your Auto Insurance Coverage

If the arrest leads to a conviction, it will be a long time before things return to normal with your auto insurance coverage. Assuming that the current provider chooses to continue offering coverage, expect the premium to increase by a significant amount. Should you end up having to seek coverage elsewhere, many providers will not even talk to you. What’s left is high risk auto insurance providers who are likely to offer nothing other than the minimum benefits for a high premium.

How a Conviction Affects Your Career

Your boss is unlikely to fire you because of a DUI conviction, but you can bet that it will slow things the chances for promotions in the years to come. That’s because driving under the influence is a criminal offense. That type of offense, as your criminal attorney in Toronto will explain, would make you a higher risk for certain types of positions. This is especially true for positions that require access to proprietary information about clients or company operations.

If your current employer should downsize and your position is eliminated, attempting to find a new job with the DUI on your record won’t be easy. While some employers will talk with you, the odds of getting something that’s a lot like what you do now will be limited.

What a Conviction Can Do to Your Driving Privileges

You may not have to worry about auto insurance at all. That will be the case if your driving privileges are suspended for an extended amount of time. Things are even worse if they’re revoked permanently. At that point, you can either turn the car into a huge planter for the front yard or sell it and set aside the money for public transport of some other means of getting around town. You’ll have to get used to planning every trip away from the home in advance rather than being able to hop in the car and go.

And the Damage to You Social Life

While your friends are likely to remain loyal, making new friends may be more difficult. That’s especially true if you’re interested in finding someone to date. In today’s world, many people research others before they agree to go out on a date or before a relationship can get serious. Your criminal conviction will be there for anyone who’s willing to put in the effort to find it. That could mean that some possibilities for future relationships are shut down before they can even get started.

The bottom line is that your legal counsel is working to get the charges dismissed for more reasons than addressing the immediate consequences. There are long-term effects that must also be considered. Listen to what your lawyer has to say about the case and what needs to be done. Your cooperation will go a long way toward improving the changes of a better outcome.