Many companies or entrepreneurs nowadays use video. Because video not only appeals to the imagination, but research has also shown that you process information in video faster than text. No less than 60,000x faster! Enough reason to get started with video.


Do you also want to get started with an animation video? But no Coca-Cola marketing budget yet? We learn which steps you need to take to make an affordable but professional animation video yourself.


Many companies or entrepreneurs nowadays use video. Because video not only appeals to the imagination, but research has also shown that you process information in video faster than text. No less than 60,000x faster! Also, you can remember a topic better (3 to 4 times) if it is explained in the video.

Enough reason to get started with video ...

And we will help you! For example, we learn how you can easily create a professional animation video yourself based on these steps.


To make the animation video you need tooling. Depending on your skills and your wishes in the field of design, you will have to make a decision. One of the most used programs to create animation videos are Adobe After Effects & Illustrator. But to be able to use this, you will need to have the necessary skills.

This is a stumbling block for many people, which is why we focus this article on people who do not have advanced design skills. There are alternative options for people who simply want to create professional animation.

For example, you can choose to use so-called drag & drop animation tools, such as available in reputed animation maker. You do not need advanced design skills for this and you can quickly get started with some simple process with this very reputed software.

Mango Animation Maker

We recommend choosing a Mango Animation Maker because in our view It offers more possibilities in the field of animation design than the competition. If you plan to make multiple animations, you can choose to opt for a relationship for a longer period. If you currently want to make 1 or maybe two animations, it is advisable to buy or subscribe the package for 1 month and cancel it after a month. 




Before you start writing a script for your animation video, you must think about the direction you want to take. The questions below help you to determine this direction and help you determine which interpretation suits your message;

- What is the purpose of the video?
Do you want to inform, activate, inspire or possibly amuse the target group?

- Who is the target group?
Internal or external, formal/informal, which “tone of voice” suits your target group? Determining the direction in advance, so that you can tailor your message to it as sharply as possible, is an important step to start with. But there are a few more crucial tips that we recommend you follow.


Starting with the structure of your script. Regarding the structure of a script, you can generally always maintain the following structure;

- What is the central message and why is this relevant for your target audience?
Which 'pain' do you solve or which (latent) need do you fulfil?

- How are you going to fix this for them?
How are you going to fulfil this pain / (latent) need? Prove the solution.

- What is the Call to Action (CTA)?
Which action do you want to link to the animation? E.g. contact or redirect to a webpage etc.



Finally, it is important that you tell a story. If you've never written a script before, you may tend to get bogged down in facts or details. However, it is advisable not to do this, because people love stories and the point is that people recognize a certain feeling or emotion. Think for yourself what you prefer to listen to, a summary of facts and details or a recognizable story?

Filmmaker Ron Strobel's quote also ties in with this: When you get them emotional, you own them. ' So respond to emotion and therefore feeling, no one is interested in a summary of dry facts.


Once you have set direction and thought about the script, it is good to get some inspiration in the field of design. Watch videos of competitors or videos that simply appeal to you and analyze how they tell their story. Extract the strengths here and translate this into the design of your own animation video/video script.

When it comes to animation videos, you can go in different directions when it comes to design, here you will have to determine which style best suits your taste and of course the corporate identity of your company. You can think of an infographic style, cartoon style or a whiteboard style.

The most important thing about the design is that it is recognizable and associated with your company and that it suits your target group. You do this by including the corporate identity of your company in the animation video. Think of colour codes, fonts, logos and specific icons. Most companies have described this in a brand guide/style guide.