If you have no A/C or rely on your fan to keep you comfortable throughout the day, then you’ll probably feel like you’re in a sauna during the summer!

Fortunately, your fan is there to keep you feeling cool. But you shouldn’t put it just anywhere and expect it to work its magic. You should maximize its potential for your room to drop a few degrees instantly.

So read on to find out what you can do to increase your fan’s effectiveness.

How to Put Your Fans to Maximum Effectiveness

Is it too hot this summer to the point your fans can’t cool you down? There are ways to utilize the fans to help it become even more effective! Follow these helpful tips:

Create a Crosswind

Creating a crosswind with your fan is an effective method, as you get the hot air out while you pull cooler air in. It’s a win-win situation!

When performing the method, close your house throughout the day, closing the blinds, drapes, windows, and everything else. You wouldn’t want any heat coming in; though take note that this makes the room darker.

As the sun sets, you can now open your windows and grab two fans. Place the first fan facing out the window in the room you’d like to cool. Place the second fan facing inwards, behind the first fan, which will create a strong air flow towards the fan.

With this setup, it removes the stale and hot air out while bringing in cooler and fresh air.

Use Tall Windows

This is another excellent trick to get most hot air out, though your home should already have tall windows (lucky if you have them!).

Place the fan up as high up as you can, make sure it’s facing out your windows. You can use a ladder, shelf, or stool for this. That way, the fan will push as much hot air out of your home as possible and you can also have another fan facing you for cooler air.

Switch the Directions of Your Fan

When you use a ceiling fan, it’s best to switch your fan’s direction, allowing it to move counterclockwise rather than clockwise.

To do this, you blow warm air around the room, then pushing cold air down so it hits you and the people in the area.

When shifting the fan directions, make sure that the fan is off and that you stay secure if you’re using a stool or ladder when adjusting it. Or if you are hiring a Brisbane Ceiling Fan Installation, let the professional know where you want it placed for maximum coolness and efficiency.

If you see that the ceiling fan is dirty, make sure to clean it, which can also help cool the air and prevent allergens.

Create a DIY A/C Unit

If you have no air conditioner or want it to be even colder during the day, you can make your own using a fan!

Place your fan on the ground, or as low as you can. Then, place a large bucket of ice in front of your fan. Your fan will then blow air over the ice, cooling the air as it goes.

While this won’t look pretty, it keeps you cool. You can also try using a wet washcloth or cold water bottles, which is less messy.

Also, when doing this method, make sure you keep one window open for any hot air to escape.

Where to Place Your Fan

Make sure that you place your fan facing the opposite wall, in the area where most activities would take place. This will drive air to the surface, bouncing off and mingling with the air to cool the area.

Also, consider the furniture in your area, which can help you determine where to put the fan. If you have a table fan, it requires a clean and flat surface close to electrical outlets for it to operate.

If you have a window fan, it shouldn’t be blocked by any furniture, as it won’t circulate air if your curtains or a sofa are in the way. Fans are much more effective when it is placed without any obstructions in areas its blades are pointing at.

For those with wall-mount fans, it should be placed higher above to avoid air obstacles from hitting it. You should give any of your fans the unobstructed path to carry the air even farther, which helps its effectiveness.

Wrapping It Up

I know how difficult it is to get a good night’s sleep with just a fan, especially during the hot summer season! With these helpful tips, you won’t need to worry about night sweats and discomfort anymore.

Try any of these methods out and let me know how it goes in the comments section below. Stay cool!