Message Marketing
Text message marketing is an old marketing tactic that is again reviving. It didn’t take marketers to realize how efficient and powerful this method is. Not only is it cheap and offers great help in brand awareness, but it’s also very effective in boosting sales. Best of all, it’s so easy that one doesn’t need any marketing training to reap its benefits.

You Can Schedule Your Messages

One of the things that makes this form of advertisement easy is the ability to schedule messages. You don’t have to sit down and write a message every time you need to send some texts. You can get a mass text app and automate the entire process for yourself. You will type and save one good message copy and send it to a selected number of people at the scheduled time. More than one contact list can be connected with the application, and you can send different messages to different lists. This also gives you control over time the message should be received.

You can Automate it

One of the biggest advantages of an SMS marketing campaign is that much of it can be automated. For instance, companies like Dial My Calls can help you get and stay in contact with any large group. A community notification system like this means you can contact your customers as often as you like without having to invest too much time in the logistics.

You Get Fast Replies

Text messages are so efficient because they get fast replies. On average, an email gets a reply after 24 hours. On the other hand, a message is seen and gets a reply within one hour. Not only does this show fast results, but it also makes planning marketing campaigns easy. You don’t have to wait weeks to see results.

You Can Filter the List

There is no need to keep texting to people where you don’t get any replies. They either have no interest in what you offer or their contact numbers could be incorrect. To make your text message marketing more efficient, you can filter such contacts out of the list. This way, you have a contact’s database of the most relevant and interested audience.