Often we see people ask, “ my email got hacked, how do I get it back?” or “ how to protect my email from hackers?” Well, if you are wondering the same, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 


What if I ask you, what is the most common and growing form of communication in a company? Your answer would be “email,” right? Whether it’s a personal message or an organization’s vital information, Email is the most common form of communication across the globe. And that’s why they are a prime target of hackers to breach personal information.


In this article, we’ll help you to protect your Email from hackers with some pro tips and tricks. So don’t skip any part, read the article to the last.


How Does Email Gets Hacked?

You might be thinking, you’re using your own password, but how can your Email still get hacked! Well, hackers have their very own method of hacking rather than using your password. Here’s how your account can get hacked-

  • Logging into unauthorized sites
  • Forgetting to logout
  • Clicking spam links
  • Not using the latest protection tools
  • Using unprotected Public networks
  • Setting a weak or common password.


How Do I Know If My Email Is hacked?:

If you notice the following things, in particular, you have a hacked email.

·        A different password

·        Unknown emails in drafts or sent folder

·        If anyone receives any spam texts or emails that weren’t sent by you

·        Unanticipated passwords reset

·        Getting log in notification from an unknown IP address, device or place.


How To Fix A Hacked Email?:

If you face any of the above issues, then your email has been hacked by a cybercriminal. He now has gained your access to data. To fix this, take quick actions.

1.    Log Out From All Devices:

As soon as you face the above issues, go to the settings options in your account, and click on “log out from all devices.”


2.    Change your password:

Immediately reset your old password and create a strong one. If you have a common password for multiple accounts, change theirs as well.


3.    Report:

There is a report option in your account. Go there, and report by “ my account was hacked.” Also, tell others to report the id as well.


4.    Alert Others:

Hackers may send malware or spam messages to your near ones through your email. So alert all your near ones so that they can be secured and safe.


5.    Run a security checkup:

Run a security check to your device with the latest anti-virus. Remove any unnecessary or unauthorized app.


How to Secure your Email?

“Prevention is better than cure.” There are quite a few ways to protect your emails from cybercriminals. Here are some tips to secure your email. Take a glance at them, and follow them accordingly.


1.    Use A Strong Password:

People often use straightforward and predictable passwords. If you are one of them, listen to me, don’t use a simple password for your private accounts.


You can use a  password manager. Try mixing capital letters, small letters, and numbers. It will help to build up an uncrackable and robust password. DO NOT USE birth dates, phone numbers as passwords.


2.    Do Not Click On Spam Links:

The most common form of hacking is “Spam Links.” The spam links mainly come via emails or texts. They do not directly ask you to click those. Instead, they offer juicy and attractive offers like, “ Click the link and win $1 million.”


These links redirect you to unauthorized sites and boom! Criminals have hacked your Email. So beware of these links; don’t click on them!


3.    Log Out From Account After Use:

Log out from your Email or any private account after using them from public devices. If your account remains logged in the device, there is a high risk of falling it in the hand of hackers.


Even if they don’t fall in the hand of hackers, malware or viruses existing in the device can damage your important files. So to be on the safer side, log out from your account as soon as your work is complete.


4.    Try Not To Use public WiFi Or Networks:

When we visit café or restaurants, we use their WiFi or networks as they are free. But this might be dangerous. Many people use public networks, and they can have viruses or keyboard capturing tools installed. So hackers can get easy access to your private accounts, including credit card information or any other secured data.


In case you have to use the public networks, use a VPN for your laptop or mobile. This will help to stay secure and prevent your data from hackers.


5.    Set Two Or Multi-Factor Authentication:

Setting an extra layer of protection will help you to keep your account more secure and safe. Such approaches have become one of the most widely used nowadays.


After you set a two or multi-factor authentication, every time you try to log in, you will get a notification on your phone. A code will be sent to your phone if you sync with your contact number. You can even set fingerprints, an eye scan, or any other thing. So it will be difficult for hackers to breach your privacy.


6.    Use Latest Security Software:

It doesn’t matter whether you are using a PC or personal laptop, use security software. Security software will protect your device from virus threats and malware.


Hackers sometimes breach your privacy through these viruses and malware. So for personal security, use the latest security software and update them. It will protect your device from hackers in the form of malware and virus.

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Data are priceless. They are even valuable than money. There is a saying, “Prevention is better than cure.” So take necessary measures and prevent your Email from being hacked. As long as you’re keeping your Email or private account secured, you’re keeping your data secured!


So what are you waiting for? If you still haven’t applied the preventative measures for your Email, apply now. We hope this article was able to serve your purpose. Do let us know if you have any queries. Thanks for reading the whole article. Good luck!