For several people, a physical examination is required to diagnose impotence and to answer questions about medical history. You may need more tests or consultation with a physician if you have chronic health conditions or if your doctor believes that an underlying disorder could be involved.

So in this tutorial, I will demonstrate you to use steroids to treat impotence.

Substantial Requirements Check may Include:

Blood Test

Your blood sample needs to sent to a laboratory to check for signs of diabetics, blood pressure, heart disease, low testosterone, and other diseases.

Physical Test

This could include a detailed penis and testis review and sensational testing of your nerves.

Psychological Test

Your doctor will ask questions to examine depression and other potential impotence psychological factors.


Generally speaking, a specialist in an office performs this exam. It requires the use of a wand system that provides the penis with blood vessels. This produces a picture to let your doctor know if you have issues with blood flow.

This examination is sometimes performed with drugs being inserted into the penis to increase blood circulation and induce a sufficient erection.

Urine Test

As with blood tests, urinary examinations are used to identify symptoms of diabetes and other disorders of primary health.


Treatment of Impotence

The first thing the doctor will do is to ensure that your impotence is treated in the right condition for all health issues. You may have different treatment choices based on the cause and severity of your impotence and any physical issues.

The costs and advantages of each procedure can be clarified to your doctor, and your expectations are taken into account. The interests of your partner may also play a role in your treatment decisions.

Oral medications are a good treatment for many people with impotence. They contain:

·         Viagra

·         Adcirca, Cialis

·         Levitra, Staxyn

·         Stendra

These four drugs improve nitric oxide effects — a natural substance created by the body that relaxes the muscles in the penis. It increases blood flow and allows you to have an erection in response to sex drive.

Using one of these tablets does not create an erection immediately. The primary cause of the release of nitrogen oxide from your penile nerves is sexual arousal.

Such drugs improve this signal and allow some people to function normally. Medicines for erectile dysfunction are not aphrodisiac drugs, are not a source of excitement, and are not needed for men who receive regular erections.

Dosage Recommended

The doses, the duration, and the effects of drugs differ. Side effects can include flushing, confusion, vomiting, eyesight, backaches, and upset stomach.

The doctor will look into your specific situation and figure out which drugs will work best. These medicines may not immediately treat your erectile dysfunction. You may have to work with your doctor to find the right dosage and medication.

Help with Quitting

In the absence of a doctor's supervision, you can immediately stop using anabolic steroids. Steroids rarely pose physical health threats, but there are risks to mental health, including depression and suicide.

Some people may feel the withdrawal symptoms can be alleviated by gradually reducing their intake to zero over some days. Medicines such as other synthetic hormones, antidepressants, and an anti-anxiety drug may be administered by your doctor to help alleviate muscle pain.


You can ask for the protection of adding Viagra and any other medicines to your medication regime if you take steroids for medical purposes Whether Viagra is right for you can influence your health issues. You should consider quitting when taking anabolic steroids without a prescription.