For some, the switch to working from home during the pandemic has been a hard switch. For others, working from home is the dream job. While it may seem like a fun thing to do, it isn’t always easy to get your work done. Here are a few things to help keep focused if you have to work from home.

Find a Space

One of the best ways to make sure you get your work done is by creating a designated workspace. For some people, this may mean they need an actual in-home office, but for others, their kitchen table will do the trick. No matter what you have, make sure you find a spot that will help put you in a working mindset.

Watch Your Diet

Watching what you eat can help get you in the working mode. If you are eating junk food and snacking all day, you’ll find that you aren’t in the mood to work nor will you have any energy too. Watch what you are eating throughout the day to make sure you are eating the right foods. If you take supplements, you should look up things like Thrive side effects to ensure they are helping and not hindering you.

Keep Your Focus

You will never get work done if you are not in the mindset of getting work done. It can be hard to focus while you are at home, but you have to teach yourself it’s what must be done. Don’t allow things around the house to distract you from whatever your job is. Sit down and do it.
Make a Schedule

Make a schedule for yourself as if you were going into the office. Get up early and act like you’re going to work. Develop a start time and stick to it. You should also schedule breaks for yourself so you can stand up and give yourself a few minutes to reset.

Get Dressed

Unless you are needed for a video conference call, there is a high chance that you will not be seen throughout your workday. While most want to use this as an excuse to dress down and comfy, you should resist the temptation to do so. How you dress will play a part in how you feel and conquer your day. Get up and get ready for work, even though you may only be walking a few steps away.

Hide Your Phone

One of the easiest ways to get distracted from doing your work is your cell phone. With no one around to watch what you are doing, it’s easy to pick it up and waste time texting friends or scrolling social media. Eliminate the temptation to be on your phone by taking it away altogether. If you need it in order to do your job, find a way to restrict apps that take up your time and won’t allow you on them till a certain time.

Get Some Exercise

Take some type to get up and exercise throughout the day. It’s good to stretch your legs and give your brain a mental breather. It will help get the blood flowing and keep you from going crazy staying in the same place and position all day. Working from home doesn’t give you an excuse to get up and go visit a coworker, so purposely tell yourself to get up every now and then.

Stick to Your Work

It’s easy to say you’ll get to a project later in the day since you’ll be home to do it, but you shouldn’t have that mindset. Get your work done in a timely manner, regardless of the fact that you're not held to specific office hours. You run the risk of never completing the job or turning it in late if you continuously put it off.

Go Be Social

Working from home often means little to no regular interaction with coworkers and other humans. This could lead to you feeling lonely and discouraged. You can fight these sensations by making sure you reach out to a few people every day. Even if it’s just a quick text, talking with a friend can help you keep on keeping on.

While you should enjoy working from home, you also need to realize you are still working. You could get fired at home just as you could inside the office.