Electronic watches are electrically powered by rechargeable batteries, unlike other traditional models that use disposable batteries. The electronic watches for kids are convenient for tracking kids when they go outdoors since you can easily communicate with them from a distance. These electronic watches feature the traditional watch designs only that they have more advanced features.

Top Electronic Watches For Kids

Here are our top best electronic watches for kids review

1. Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids with Fun Incentives

You can never go wrong with Fitbit electronics, and this electronic watch is perfect for kids from the age of 6 and above. The watch comes in different colours that suit both boys and girls. These smart electronic watches are suitable for tracking the day to day activities of kids from the time they get up.

The watch can calculate the distance, the jumps they make and even track their sleeping patterns at night. This model of the watch has waterproof material construction, so your kid can enjoy water activities while still wearing it. The watch comes with a rechargeable battery that has a lifetime of up to 5 days before a recharge.

Special Features

This electronic watch helps to track day to day activities of the child

The watch comes with a 90 days free trial period

The watch has a neutral and cute design to suit both girls and boys

It features one size fit all for convenient fitting

2. ALPS Digital Outdoors Sports Watch

If your kid enjoys outdoor activities, then this is the right choice of an electronic watch to buy him or her. The watch has waterproof material constructions to accommodate the outdoor climates. This also makes it easy for kids to enjoy swimming or beach activities while still wearing the watch.

It has durable and shutter free material so your child can fully enjoy the playing without worrying about the watch getting damaged. It has multiple features and notifications which include; calendar, and an alarm clock. The watch features dual time display for kids to choose the most comfortable and most suitable mode.

Special Features

This watch has durable and comfortable materials to the hands

It is waterproof to suit the outdoor climates

The watch has two-time display modes

It has a backlit for illumination and easy viewing at night

3. ASWAN Digital Outdoors Sports Watch Multifunction Waterproof Electronic Watch

This electronic watch for kids comes in different colours so you can choose the favourite colours of your child. It is powered by a rechargeable battery that is quite durable. The watch is suitable for teenage kids who enjoy outdoor activities since it has quality materials to accommodate various hard activities.

The watch displays the time in two modes, the alarm clock setting, and calendar. It has high-quality PU leather straps that are quite comfortable to the hands.

Special Features

This electronic watch has super clear top glass for easy viewing

It has backlit for excellent illumination in dark areas or at night

This watch is made with waterproof material constructions

The glass cover of the watch is shutter free for durability

4. VTech Kidizoom DX2 Smartwatch with Dual Camera

Let your kids keep up with technology by buying them this great brand of an electronic watch. It is a smartwatch that functions just like a smartphone. This smart digital watch has a dual-camera ideal for taking pictures, including selfies. Controlling the settings on this electronic watch is easy as it has the touch screen control mode. The smartwatch has apps and games that your kid can access and enjoy.

Special Features

This electronic watch has a large memory to store up to 1500 pictures

The watch has dual cameras to take photos and videos

The battery takes little time to recharge and can last for more than one day

This watch has fitness training apps


If you need reliable smartwatches that you don't have to dispose of the battery when power runs out, these are the top four best brands of watches to consider buying for your kid. Electronic watches have various apps for efficient functioning and use.