Baitcasting reels are a little hard to control and that is why they are not suitable for beginners. But every beginner needs to step up their game and shift into more intense fishing. And for intense fishing knowing how to cast a baitcasting reel accurately is mandatory. Once you master that, baitcasting could be extremely rewarding for you. 


In this very guide, I have shown how you can accurate your casting. This guide is for the beginners who haven’t used a baitcasting reel before, if you are a professional you will find it very basic. However, without further ado let’s get started. 


Reel in the Line Properly


If you don’t know how to spool line in baitcaster, learn that first because it is extremely necessary. After you have reeled the line in, make sure the lure or bait is hanging 6 to 12-inches down from the rod tip, that will help you to make a more controlled casting. And if you have attached bobbers or sinker, then that should be hanging down at a distance of at least 6-inches from the rod tip. 


Hold it properly


The better you hold the rod, the better cast you can make. That being said, the quality of the casting rod also matters a lot (if you are struggling to choose a decent casting rod under a tight budget, take a look at

these affordable baitcasting rods of the market right now). Moving on, you would want to grip the rod behind the reel and the thumb would be resting on the reel spool. When you are putting your thumb on the spool, don’t press on the flat surface, keep your thumb in a little angled position that will give you better control. 


Use the release button 


The baitcasting reel comes with a release button, pressing that will allow the line to flow out of the reel. So during casting when you will be throwing the hook forward, you will have to keep the button pressed so that line will come out. Beginners might fall in the timing issue, because you have to press the button at the right moment, otherwise you can end up casting behind you. It will take a couple of tries, you will get there. 


Prepare your arm 


Bend your arm which you will be casting with and raise the rod and take that slightly behind you so that you can get little force. Make sure there is nothing behind you, sometimes the hook gets stuck on branches or in people's bodies, clothes, etc. Clean your back area. And after taking the rod tip slightly behind you, with your wrist power sweep the rod forward towards your desired casting area. And at the same time, press the line release button. 




The better control you have over the reel, the better casting you will be able to make. There are some factors that can increase the controllability and weight is the best of them. It is extremely hard to cast accurately when the weight is very light. 


Adding a sinker can give you great control over your cast, even in windy situations. And another thing is, you will have to release the release button once the bait reaches your desired casting area.  




When it comes down to baitcasting, you will need to think about a lot of stuff. The quality of the reel, rod, line, grip, etc. everything matters inaccurate casting. Plus, the environment also plays a major role. If the area is too windy and the line leader is light, you cannot achieve perfect casting. 

However, this guide should help beginners learning how to cast a baitcasting reel. Hope this guide helps.