Getting abs is not an easy task, but it is achievable. Developing nice abs depends on a series of factors such as diet and others. Working on your abs is more than just getting a six-pack; it involves all your abdominal sections, but most people are not aware of it. Three parts of the abdomen need to be worked on (the rectus abdominis, the transverse abdominis, the oblique ). Also, one vital way of doing this is your equipment. The equipment and the type of workout you do can influence this too.

A weight bench is one piece of instruments that can be used for an abs workout; it is incredible how much you can get done with just a weight bench. You can carry out a series of exercises that will help define your abs, plus it is excellent to use at home as it takes up little space.

Things To Know Before Getting  Weight Bench
A weight bench is an essential instrument, but getting it can be effortless if you know the right thing to look for. Getting a weight bench is more than just walking into any store and snatching the first thing you see. When you put a lot of factors into consideration, you have a basic idea of what you need to get. Here are a few of the things you need to know before getting a weight bench:


The cost of the equipment and the amount you are willing to pay is vital in getting any equipment. It is not advisable to buy a cheap one that compromises quality because this can be a problem for you in the long-run. However, there is an affordable quality weight bench that you can get and not regret your decision.

It is crucial to measure the weight bench, mainly if you have limited space and other gym equipment. Better still, you can go for a foldable weight bench. This way, it won't take up much of your gym space.

Another major factor to consider is how often you are going to be using the bench. First, you need a bench that can withstand your weight no matter how rigorous the exercise. When you are shopping for a weight bench, go for a stable and long-lasting bench that will be able to withstand the pressure from your weight.

Abs building progresses gradually, so also is the exercise and the equipment. As a bodybuilder, you need to select a weight bench that is upgradable, i.e., a weight bench that can accommodate multiple accessories. This feature enables you to carry out more exercise. It is highly advisable to select a feature-filled weight bench that will cater to your needs in days to come.

As you are considering the space, you should also consider the ease of setup. You do not want to be stuck with a weight bench that takes time to setup. It discourages you from your workout session. You will be happier with one that is easily set up, and when you are done, it can be folded and stored without any hassle.

Top Picks for Weight Benches
Here are some of the top picks for weight benches

Marcy sb-315 Utility Flat Bench 
Marcy sb-315 is one multipurpose weight bench that can be used for a lot of things. It is very compact and easy to maintain, suitable for a home gym with limited space. You will love it; it is also one of the best options when you are carrying out exercises required to build strength or tone muscles. Marcy sb-315 is durable and long-lasting due to the metallic materials used in its construction. It is firm and will completely support your back.
One disadvantage of this weight bench is that it is small; therefore, there are a limited number of exercises that can be carried out. 
Universal 5 Position Weight Bench
Universal 5 position bench takes your exercise to a new level with its adjustable construction. It offers a wider variety of exercises that you can explore, ranging from muscle toning exercise to strength building; all can be done on this weight bench. It comes five different angles of usage, extreme right! It means you can turn it to 5 different angles of choice. The backrest is lined with a foam material that makes you comfortable while working out. It is portable, and one of the best choices for beginners, but some exercises are complicated to perform on it.

Bowflex Selecttech 3.1 Adjustable Bench
Bowflex is a good option with its compact body and sleek design that makes it very easy to store in limited spaces. It also comes with different attractive features that make it ideal for both home and gym workout sessions. It can be adjusted to four different angles and can support weight up to 300lb. It also comes with a detachable brace that helps in converting it to a declining angle. This feature favors certain exercise positions. Another advantage is that it is affordable and can be used for heavy duties. It is not as portable as it should be; hence storing it might cause a bit of problem.
Bowflex is one of the leading manufacturers of weight benches, and they offer excellent and affordable products. But, unlike its counterpart, it comes with a whopping six adjustable angles, including 90 degrees. It allows for comfort in exercising with its declining positions enhanced by the removable braces. It can cater to up to 400lb weight, which is a lot, and not only that, the addition of wheels facilitates smooth movement of the equipment. But on the downside, it is a bit expensive and uncomfortable when the bench is in a flat position.

Rep Adjustable Bench
One of the top bestsellers, it can be used for a heavy-duty workout. It has a weightlifting capacity of 1000lb and can be adjusted to 7 laddering and four seating positions. It supports full workout sessions as you can couple it with lots of tools or accessories. It is durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain but very costly.