Perhaps you are in difficult times of your life. Maybe your marriage is going to break, you are the victim of domestic violence, or you want your child’s custody, etc.

If any of these you are experiencing now or anything else which are related to family relations then you should get in touch with a family lawyer. Family lawyers work with these issues.

But before hiring you should consider their fees and also your financial situation. If their fee is high or you are not in a condition of paying, then you have to take alternative steps.

In the following part, I will try to provide information about the family lawyer’s expenses. At first, I want to make it clear that for legal service, there is no fixed fee. Before hiring a lawyer, you should ask them about their billing system as it can be different.

Fixed Fee

Generally for particular transactions, such kinds of fees are used, for example- for buying a flat. Some lawyers also use a fixed rate for their service of a specific court appearance.

Hourly Rate

Charges of senior lawyers normally more than those who just joined in this field of law. The hourly rate indicates the lawyer's experience and skill.

The hourly rate can contain more than the time a lawyer spends with a client. It can provide time over phone, meeting, document preparation time, representing in court, or can include any other thing.

Contingency Fee

It is common in personal injury claims and class actions. Here lawyer will take a specific portion of the compensation you have got. If no money is recovered, the lawyer doesn’t want any fee.


Your lawyer pays the cost on behalf of you, and you are responsible for paying those. These will be included in your legal account.


The amount which you will pay for getting future service from your lawyer is called retainer. At the end of your case, if anything is left in the retainer account you’re your lawyer is responsible for returning it.

Most of the family lawyers charges on an hourly basis. So if you want to keep your cost low, be prepared before meeting with your lawyer. Your lawyer will charge a payment for telephone costs, mail, etc.

Before making any decision to gather information about your lawyer payment system or you can directly ask them. Don’t enter into any deal without knowing their cost.


Family lawyer charges are not fixed in value. It depends on the geographical location and also on the experience of the lawyer. Most of the experienced and skilled family lawyer charges a high rate indicate their skill and expertise.

It also depends on the issue they are covering. So, it’s not fixed. You should contact your lawyer to know this, or you can try to gather information from other people or websites.

A family lawyer dealings with family relations problem and as it is a sensitive issue to handle, their task is difficult. That’s why sometimes their rate can be high, according to your need. But be sure you will get the best service from them.