There are different kinds of areas of law, such as- criminal law, commercial law, and family law. In this writing, I will focus on family law and some facts about them.

One area of law that tackles family relations is known as family law. From creating relationships to breaking them by divorce and also parental termination rights, these all works are done by a family lawyer.

It can be the most touching area of law as its practice deals with relationships and children. They handle the private aspect of the client’s life.

In the following part, I am going to talk about some of their practice areas for giving a bright idea.


Marriage is a contract. When two persons got married, in the eyes of state, they form a legal relationship. For breaking the ties created by marriage divorce take place.

When married people don’t want to stay together, they must have to file court papers for divorce. Rules of divorce vary from country to country. Some states allow no-fault divorce, whereas some states need separation period.

Dividing assets & debts in a divorce is also different in the country to country.  In most cases, the state tries to make an equitable division. However, don’t mix equitable with the equal division.

The court looks at the person’s contribution to the marriage, length of the wedding period, needs of each party after the divorce as well. Then the court decides the division. Domestic abuse also can affect the decision of the court.

Alimony and spousal support

Maintenance and spousal support is another prominent issue in the divorce. Some states use a formula for settling the amount of support, and some states leave it to judge’s prudence.

Child Custody

One of the most contested areas of family law is child custody. Depending on the best interests of the child, decision of custody and parenting time are decided.

While taking a decision court considers which parent has a strong bonding with children, whether both parents have a stable financial situation, etc.

Child Support

Two married people are separated by divorce, but children have every right to get support from both of their parents. Child support works for ensuring that children get the same amount of financial support which they might have given if their parents would live together.

Abuse and Negligence

It is another sensitive practice field of the family lawyer. If the state finds that a parent is not capable of taking proper care of his children, they take the initiative for negligent and abuse procedures.

When family lawyers are representing clients in abuse and neglecting procedure, they can do two kinds of work. Either they can assist the client in defending allegation, or they can help their clients in regaining custody of children.


Family lawyers can work in both small and large firms. Family lawyers assist individuals in their most challenging time. Family law is most important to those individuals who need service in the areas mentioned above.

We need a lawyer in different situations such as- when there is a criminal case against you, you may need a criminal lawyer for representing you in the court. The same applies to a family lawyer. When anyone needs assistance in family relations, contacting a family lawyer is a viable decision.