Your business has grown to the point that you can no longer do it all yourself. That means you’re hiring three or four people who can take on part of the load. Since the plan is for all of you to work in a virtual environment, there’s no need to set up a physical office. What you do need is to rent a conference room for the new employee training. Here are some reasons why that conference room rental matters.

Meeting at a Central Location

Even though you will be seeing each other virtually in the future, meeting in person now helps to make the team more cohesive. Along with the training time, there’s the opportunity to get to know everyone better. This approach also draws a clear line between the training and when the actual work date starts. Much of the information that your new employees learn in this physical setting will help them structure their working areas when they get back home.

Enough Space for Everyone

The conference room must be large enough for everyone to have enough space. That means comfortable seating, space to set out notebooks, laptops and tablets, and even room for something to drink while the training is in session. Everyone can sit close enough to converse easily but far away enough so that everyone has the elbow room needed to feel comfortable.

It wouldn’t hurt if the conference room was large enough for you to have fruit, beverages, and sandwiches set up so that people could help themselves during breaks or even while continuing to listen and participate in the training. You may even want to arrange catering so there’s breakfast foods there when the trainees arrive and lunch set up when they return from a mid-morning break.

All the Equipment That You Need

When you rent a conference room, it’s possible to arrange for any equipment that you need to be included in the agreement. That means it’s easy to set up a large screen for web tours, displaying slide presentations, or participating in audio or web conferences if the need arises. You may also use part of this rented Toronto office space for supplies that the trainees will need, including notepads, pencils, and other basics that they can take home with them.

No Long Term Commitment

One of the perks of renting a conference room for a week or two of training is that there’s no long-term commitment on your part. Since you don’t anticipate the need to hire more employees until next year, you avoid the expense of renting physical space that will not be used for some time. That money can be allocated to other business expenses and allow you to keep the operation running on a smaller budget.

If you’re about to hire a few new employees, do consider the idea of renting temporary space for the training and orientation. Even though everyone will work from home, it’s nice to spend a little time together at the beginning of the employment term. The rapport that’s established there will go a long way toward keeping the company united in the years to come.