Do you know Theodor Seuss Geisel? He is a very famous personality, author of children’s books, animator, and political cartoonist who once made a quote about the significance of learning for kids, which made him famous. The quote says, “The more you read, the more things you know about. And the more you learn, the more opportunities you will have to go to places”. Schools in Jaipur have set a milestone and a standard for helping kids learn good habits and instilling good habits to learn. These things complement each other and set and ensure a life path for 's kidstoday's kids. 

There is no denying that every parent and guardian wants the best for their kids. They want them to live a life beautified with glorious achievements and good memories. Ain’t we? Without any doubt, we can say that we Indian parents might be the most conscious beings on the earth when it comes to securing our kids’ future and preparing and setting them on a path of constant success. Worrying for our children is actually a good thing in most cases. It helps them avoid bad habits that may hamper their overall growth. It helps them walk away without deviating from the actual beneficial line.

We roll out a set of instructions, do’s and don’ts, rules, and protocols to keep our kids learning and growing as well as we desire. However, this mindset of ours does not always work out exceedingly well. As everything in life has its own group of good and evil, the way we set our expectations for our kids also does. If the wall of your expectations from your kid is so massive that his tiny hands live with the weight of it, those expectations will gradually start to burden your kid. ndoubtedly, it is possible that your kid won’t be able to handle such pressure and may have a chance to go into an emotional breakdown, a stage of depression, or towards a path he is not supposed to go.

We need to consider our responsibilities as creating a kids-friendly environment for our children. We should not have expectations of those who are very unfriendly and burdensome towards them. We need to understand the importance of instilling the habit of learning in our kids. Sometimes, high expectations make kids very reluctant and emotionless towards learning. As parents, our goal should be helping our children become very enthusiastic about learning new things, being curious, and mastering skills in different arts, crafts, and other things.

The environment we create for them must be filled with excitement instead of making them feel that they must live up to the expectations wall we stand before them. And yes, you can’t do it when your child steps into a teenager. Helping them develop an affection for learning new things should be commenced at a very young age. This mindset should become part of their life instead of burdening them as they grow up. They should feel joy while learning and like they are missing something if they sit for long days without remembering anything.

To do that, we need to understand our children’s likings. We need to find different ways to encourage them to love the process of learning. To instill such love, we must develop a keen eye on specific subjects we think our kids will be excited about. Once we find out what it is, we will just have to provide them with the material to read. Having inquisitive minds, the kids will bombard you with their questions once they can’t find them. Then, we need to answer those questions without getting paranoid about it.

If this process continues for several days, your kid will automatically feel attached to this learning process. Soon, after closing down one topic, they will eventually seek other sources of interest. And this process will keep rotating itself.