It is pretty obvious to be bored about your sex life and why wouldn't you? Performing those boring sexual positions from Kamasutra from the day-in to day-out without any sense of thrill and fun will get you nowhere. In order to achieve the unequalled pleasure in bed, incorporate sex toys to increase the sense of thrill and enthrallment you are seeking for a long time. If you are bored with your petty sex life or if you want more out of your sexual life, refer to the toys. 

Shatter The Myth

There are many myths going around regarding the usage of sex toys. Many tend to think it is only for girls and generate self-pleasure. to some extent it is right. Sec toys do extend your sense of self-pleasure where you get to explore your sexual needs and understand the preferences more. 

You get to realise the absence of the thrill so that you can incorporate it taking the help of your partner whoever confining it to only one portion of the gender community is wrong. Sex toys can be used by anyone. 

Another myth that has been going around for quite a long time that sex toys generate pain. It has been suggested that pain is one of the most driving factors that stimulate and increases sexual pleasure a person seeks. Hence the urgency of BDSM or S&M has emerged. However, the fact that all sex toys generate pain is wrong. 

Sex toys are important to elevate the pleasure one sought for a longer period of time. The sex toys are produced with one aim, that is to stimulate the clitoral sensation by introducing a bit of pain so as to purport a unique sensation of orgasm for the user. With that in mind, it is less than the equipment used in BDSM. 

Which Sex Toys Should You Buy? 

There are a plethora of sex toys available in the online market as well as a nearby sex shop. However, choosing what you should have in your cupboard is something not many knows. If you know your preferences then it will be a piece of a cake however for those who don't understand their sexual need well, read up. 

  • Dildo: Start with something basic. It not only fulfils the need for penetration but will help you understand your sexual cravings more. The key to making your sex life more healthy and fulfilling you have to understand where you lack. Only by knowing where you lack, will you be able to undertake the task of fulfilling that need. 

So starting from basics such as using a dildo for self-pleasure is like hitting two spots in one go. You can use the dildo during sexual activity too to heighten the pleasure quotient. 

  • Vibrator: Vibrator is considered to be one of the most important components that is needed to stimulate sexual cravings. Motion plays an important role in stimulating pleasure and heightening the sense of contentment from sexual activity. 

In order to maintain that vibration to stimulate the surrounding vaginal area into transmitting sexual cravings can be generated using a vibrator. Similarly like the dildo, it can be used during sex too. 

  • Clitoris vibrator: Clitoris vibration or G-spot vibrator is something that gets to the task without any delay. Using a normal vibrator to stimulate orgasm through energising the clitoris is something that is a tough task. 

However, the G-spot vibrator focuses on boosting the sexual sensation directly to the clitoris which is very important to gain that highest level of satisfaction. Clitoris plays an important part in attaining orgasm. In order to make the most of your sexual life filled with orgasm, start using a G-spot vibrator. 


Break the glass ceiling and fulfil your sexual needs. In order to unlock the optimum sexual gratification, use sex toys as these products are important to increase the cognitive and editorial sensation which is important when it comes to experiencing orgasm. 

Several methods and techniques are incorporated into the sexual acts to make tighten the sense of pleasure on both sides but the incorporation of extra help such as the sex toys will help you both obtain the Cosmic experience you were striving for.