As we have entered a new year, we just can't wait for the gorgeous weather, perfect breeze, and dazzling sunlight. Because all of that would mean that the wedding season is approaching. Every new year sets astonishing trends that are hard to beat but not impossible. Late 2024 also brings a fantastic wedding trend that every bride, groom, and guest must strive for, wear, or just own. Here is what is installed for the future brides and all other wedding attendees.

1. Lively flowers

For many years, pastel colors dominated wedding ceremonies. Beige, baby pink, and all types of earthy flower colors were decorated all around the reception and used for the bride's bouquet. This year, burgundy is the new beige. This fabulous and lively flower color will spark the entire ambiance, whether as a decorative ornament or a bridal bouquet. Other colors that will also be chic this year are cherry red roses, rich peonies, and sparkling red ranunculus that can be added to the bouquet and centerpieces.

2. Luscious wedding cakes

The phrase "bigger is better" doesn't apply to the cake this wedding season. If you like three or four stories cakes, you can order them as long as they are warm colors with a few opulent details. However, the booming trend in 2023 states that wedding cakes are going to be vivacious but with character. They might be a one-story only, but with many statement details such as macaroons, fresh flowers, bows, and even fireworks to add sparkle.

3. Flamboyant photo shooting

Forget the tedious posing with the whole family in one place and keeping a fake wide smile for minutes until you get the best photo. This year, one of the most extravagant trends is upscaling photo shooting. You don't need to go miles to find the perfect location and background; you can simply bring the area to your wedding with minimum fuss. Photobooth has excellent backdrops for all occasions - from glamorous flowers and flashy balloon walls to elegant and sophisticated rose gold backdrops that can go with any wedding theme.

4. Nibbling tables

The variety of food served has utterly overwhelmed this wedding season. We all know that you must have an appetizer, main course, and dessert at a wedding, but you don't need to have them served separately and in an old-fashioned way. Buffet tables are about to reach their peak in popularity in 2023. Have an abundance of food, such as canapes, grazing tables, and even a variety of salads, meat, and soups. The advantages of a buffet table for your reception are that you will have few servants running around, it is more cost-effective, and more people mingle.

5. Customized illustration

If you want to make a personal stamp and have something memorable for your guests to keep, then you will definitely like this 2023 trend. Wedding invitations are one of the things that still arrive with snail mail, and when we receive it as a guest, the excitement is inevitable. The trend suggests making it more personal and innovative. You can hire a local artist to draw or illustrate something representing you as a bride and a groom. An artist can also render some part of your big day in advance as well, but the point is to be genuine.

6. Bring the inside out

Okay, this might sound strange, but as your guests are waiting for the official ceremony, drinks, and finger food will probably be served as they wait for the beginning. Making the wait feel as homey as possible is the new 2023 strategy. Your wedding decorator has to find classical living room furniture to place outside for your guests to use as they wait. This is perfect if you have an outdoor wedding. Adding details from indoor areas makes the ceremony warmer and more welcoming, which is the goal that all couples strive for.

Having the trends shifting constantly, we can't help but notice that everything is connected to feeling open-minded and relaxed. In the end, the main point is to simply enjoy and have fun.